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I think these guys actually saved metal.
At that point in time, metal was very stale. It was going extinct and the only metal bands who were still in business were serving up some pale grungy version of what they thought audiences would like (Metallica, we’re looking at you).
The Nu metal bands were actually changing things around. They tossed aside all the accepted paradigms and melded genres. Sure, I wouldn’t place Korn and Deftones in the same category of LImp Bizkit, but Limp Bizkit were a huge commercial success and they got kids who would otherwise be listening to boy bands and R&B to have a little taste of something different.
Later on, more serious metal bands emerged and paved the way to whatever passes for metal these days. And I bet most of the younger guys who play good metal today were listening to Limp Bizkit when they were growing up.
In a way it was the same as Bon Jovi and Poison serving as a gateway drug to Slayer and Metallica in the 80s. No one I know in the 80s went straight from Wham to Anthrax. You had to make a Motely Crue stop on the way.

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Delightful album!

Best Rock Bands to Emerge in the Past 20 Years

1. Built to Spill
2. Cursive
3. Wilco
4. Midlake
5. Dr. Dog
6. The Shins
7. Rilo Kiley
8. Spoon
9. TV on the Radio
10. Rotary Downs

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It’s OK. Sounds like a King of Limbs B-Sides collection.
Apparently not anyone can play guitar, but everyone can make a lazy electronic album.

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So much better than Human Sadness

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Sounds like a bunch of teenagers noodling with with knobs. I guess the solo’s nice. There’s a good song there hiding somewhere underneath all the pretentiousness.
Kinda sounds like The Strokes before they learned how to play.

Has there been a tribute project in the past 5 years that Jim James wasn’t a part of?

A sore reminder of what a big sell out Chris Cornell is.
At least Corgan managed to stay true to his cooky self.

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Agreed. This guy really needs to get better.

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Rotary Downs – “Traces” is hands down the best album of the year (so far)
Don’t know why it’s not getting more love.