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 0Posted on Jan 1st, 2012 | re: Patrick Stickles Covers "Video Games" (20 comments)

Patrick Stickles? Haven’t watched the video, but in the still at the top of the story I’m pretty sure you accidentally got a picture of John Stamos.

c’mon. it doesn’t even sound like thom. hard to tell though. it might be a hoax, but i think it sounds an awful lot more like an unbelievable truth (thom’s little brother andy’s old band) song than a radiohead song, based on both the voice and the song itself–lyrically, melodically, and so forth. that sort of warm, simple plaintiveness has always been much more andy’s thing than thom’s thing. the part where he starts to belt “all these colors must be fading…” sounds very andy and not very thom.

sounds more like andy yorke than thom yorke.