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Mic technique:

1. Sing directly INTO the microphone (not the side, not over the top of it)
2. Get the mic closer when you sing quieter
3. Hold the mic further away when you’re singing loudly
4. Practice and repeat

For all young singers out there.

Just a friendly correction:

” It’s also the first they’ve ever made with outside producers; they started out with longtime industry pro Joe Chiccarelli and finished up with the much-celebrated Flaming Lips/Mercury Rev collaborator Dave Fridmann in Fridmann’s upstate New York studio. ”

Mike McCarthy produced every spoon album from Girls Can Tell to Ga Ga Ga. In addition, Jon Brion produced The Underdog from Ga Ga Ga. If you listen to those records versus Transference (which was self produced) you hear McCarthy’s influence in the overall bigger sound and tighter production.

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“Some people will hear that and say ’Oh, Jack White thinks he’s the first person to play the blues.’ But certain acts open up a market for a certain style…The White Stripes did the same thing, and in our absence, you’re gonna find someone to fill that.”

So, like how White Stripes filled the void created by the absence of Led Zeppelin?

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I strongly suspect Imagine isn’t on this list because it’s NOT one of his 10 best solo songs, but rather because of the cultural baggage the song carries. Can anyone seriously tell me that if aliens landed on Earth, and loved rock and roll and pop music, hearing John Lennon’s catalog for the first time, that Imagine wouldn’t be a standout track? I’m not saying it’s without question his best song, though I think the consensus among the entire free-world would be that it is, I’d put Jealous Guy there, but it certainly belongs in the top 10. Had it not been the cultural phenom that it was, I’m certain it would have been on this list.

Tracks on this list that “Imagine” is without question better than:

Cold Turkey – Non-melodic, and overly literal. A poor man’s Yer Blues. Doesn’t belong on the list at all.

I Found Out – The author really loves John Lennon’s poor attempts at bluesy rock songs. The highlight of this song is the “I, I found out” refrain. Want a better example of the same type of song from the same album? Listen to “Remember,” which is essentially the same kind of proto-Spoon song, and a better one at that.

Bless You – This seems like a desperate attempt not to weight this list too heavily towards the 69-70′s era. I’m sorry, this is a mediocre tune at best. Some good instrumental moments, but the song itself is sub-par. Just imagine John Lennon playing this solo acoustic. You’d be bored to tears.

Working Class Hero – Wouldn’t be in my top 15. Again, non-melodic and overly-literal. On what planet is this a better song than Imagine? And if Imagine’s lyrics are silly, then what about the 8th grade angry young man poetry that makes up these lyrics?

None of those belong on this list.

However, here’s a list of tracks that do belong on this list:

Oh My Love
Whatever Gets You Through The Night
Mind Games
Beautiful Boy

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Kinks? Start with Village Green Preservation Society, then check out Something Else by the Kinks, Face to Face, Arthur (or the Decline and Fall of the British Empire), Lola vs. the Powerman, and Muswell Hillbillies. You may even need to throw in a “Singles Collection” of some sort to round out some earlier hits and non-album singles.

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Just want to add that they’ve been running that on Comedy Central during the Daily Show.

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So no Beastie Boys songs in commercials…how is this ok then?

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I hope Peter Katis not being behind the boards for most of these mixes doesn’t work to the album’s detriment. He’s got a phenomenal sound that has worked really well with that band for the last 3 albums. High Violet is such a dark mix, with almost no high end, and it sounds all the more fantastic for the lack of treble. Those mixes served those songs perfectly. And there’s certainly nothing negative anyone can say about the sound of Boxer either…

I have some reservations about the change in production duties, but I’m still psyched for a new National album. They’ve been one of my favorite bands of the last several years.

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In Rainbows doesn’t have a bad track on it, and features some of Radiohead’s best songwriting, best performances, and best engineering (it’s a great sounding record). Can’t understand how anyone would rate that so low. Meanwhile, Hail To The Thief has great moments, but sounds disjointed on the whole, and like a band not knowing what to do with itself. That one would definitely have benefited from fewer tracks and a shorter running time.

1. Kid A
2. In Rainbows
3. OK Computer
4. The Bends
5. King of Limbs
6. Hail To The Thief
7. Amnesiac
8. Pablo Honey

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Forgot all about that great video (I probably haven’t seen it in 10 years), thanks for that!