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 +3Posted on Oct 14th, 2014 | re: Most Of Siamese Dream Is About Courtney Love, Says Courtney Love (16 comments)

I’m almost positive the song “Delusional Skank” is about her.

 -2Posted on Oct 13th, 2014 | re: Ex Hex - "Waterfall" Video (6 comments)

Same here. It sounds like a thousand other late 70s/80′s inspired guitar rock revival acts and there’s not much about this tune that stands out from the pack.

After this kind of talk, “he’s working on Madonna’s follow-up to 2012′s MDNA” might soon mean “he WAS working…”

I pour maple syrup on my titcakes just to feel alive.

 +1Posted on Oct 2nd, 2014 | re: The Wu-Tang Clan Sign To Warner Bros (1 comments)


 0Posted on Sep 30th, 2014 | re: Talib Kweli Writes Essay In Defense Of Lauryn Hill (10 comments)

I wasn’t referring to that quote. But there are plenty others, including the rant I personally experienced at a Summer Jam show years ago.

 +4Posted on Sep 29th, 2014 | re: Aretha Franklin - "Rolling In The Deep" (Adele Cover) (24 comments)

It’s because in real life, she has become quite pitchy. That isn’t a play on words, I mean she’s slightly out of tune for real.

 +1Posted on Sep 29th, 2014 | re: Talib Kweli Writes Essay In Defense Of Lauryn Hill (10 comments)

I think Talib is right.

I also think that while it’s true that Lauren doesn’t “owe” fans anything musically speaking, it reasonable to say that fans have a right to be turned off by the race hate that she spews.

 -6Posted on Sep 26th, 2014 | re: Morrissey Reveals Provocative New Merch (7 comments)

Be Mean To Morrissey

Or I’ll Kill You

- Everyone who isn’t an asshole.

 0Posted on Sep 25th, 2014 | re: BATHS - "Disorderly" (7 comments)

Lots of Jimmy Tamborello influence in this…and rightly so!

Speaking of – am I the only one around here that wishes more people were praising the new Dntel?