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Arcade Fire have been so big for so long that it’s easy to forget they emerged from the same Montreal underground scene as long-dormant indie-pop quirk-masters the Unicorns, whose Nick Thorburn later went on to form the long-running Islands. In fact, as Thorburn points out in a new interview, the Unicorns actually took Arcade Fire on their first national tour back in 2004, so the Arcade Fire shows the reunited Unicorns are opening this month represent quite the turning of the tables. Thorburn also credits Win Butler for making the Unicorns reunion happen at all:

Future’s contribution to the Adult Swim Singles Series, “Coupe,” arrives with an animated video in which Future street races the devil. It’s a cartoon because Adult Swim, get it? Get it!

Dublin’s Girl Band have already proven themselves masters of scraping noise-punk that matches early-’00s urban chaos of Liars and Black Dice with confrontational Midwest clamor of the Jesus Lizard/Big Black pigfucker persuasion. “De Bom Bom,” the quartet’s latest harrowing single, affirms that mastery. “De Bom Bom” is the best kind of nasty — plus, any band that slips a flash of Stephen Malkmus whimsy into such a gruesomely intense skree deserves bonus points. Listen to it.



Hey, “too cool for Tool” is a fantastic turn of phrase. No shame in running the pun game like that.

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Nah dawg

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You’re right. I misread EW’s report. The post is adjusted now.

Will fix, thanks.

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Definitely in that same vein.

Here is my 2012 Pazz & Jop ballot, on which I ranked Some Nights as the fourth best album of the year:

I have been repping Fun. ever since “We Are Young” came out. Watch me rep for them again: Some Nights is a better record than Indie Cindy by every conceivable measure.

 +3Posted on Jun 24th | re: A Ghost Is Born Turns 10 (51 comments)

Curious about which D-Plan albums you’d mention. I assume E&I and Change, but I actually like Is Terrified better than Change.

Also assuming you mean White Blood Cells and Elephant, though I would go to bat for De Stijl over Elephant.

And with Sigur you’re saying Agaetis Byrjun and ( ), right?