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In recent months we’ve been witness to an escalating feud between Wu-Tang Clan members RZA (who’s desperately trying to assemble one last group LP called A Better Tomorrow) and Raekwon (who declared himself on strike from the Wu because he thinks RZA is an out-of-touch control freak). RZA tried to win Rae over with kindness Monday, telling Hot 97, “When you form Voltron, you need every piece. We need [Raekwon] there. I want him there. I ask him over and over to be there. Let’s just come together.” Now, in an interview with SI Now, RZA has laid down an ultimatum: If Raekwon doesn’t come on board within the next 30 days, the new Wu-Tang album won’t come out. RZA told host Maggie Gray that A Better Tomorrow is slated to come out in July and that as things stand currently he’ll have to decide whether to shelve the album or release it without Raekwon. Because RZA can’t imagine releasing a Wu-Tang album without every living member, he said the more likely scenario is that the record will never see the light of day. He did say he believes he and Rae will work things out, but given the trajectory of this conflict so far, that seems like wishful thinking. Watch the interview below.

Spring has finally sprung, which means what remains of the traditional network TV season is winding down, and with it the 39th season of Saturday Night Live. As such, the show announced its hosts and musical guests for the final three episodes of the season on Tumblr today. On 5/3 Andrew Garfield aka The Amazing Spider-Man 2 will host with Coldplay on musical duties. (Incidentally, Coldplay will be back on NBC a few weeks later.) The 5/10 episode features host Charlize Theron with musical guest the Black Keys. And most excitingly, the 5/17 season finale will feature St. Vincent (in her SNL debut!) alongside host Andy Samberg. If anybody can live up to last year’s kinetic finale, it’s Annie Clark. And if we’re seriously lucky, maybe Samberg and his Lonely Island crew will incorporate Clark into a digital short for old times’ sake. We already know she’s got a knack for music-related comedy.

Future Islands have been getting tons of attention ever since 4AD signed them and David Letterman co-signed them. One of the oddest examples is this new “moving portrait” from Google Play in which footage of bandmates Samuel T. Herring, William Cashion, and Gerritt Welmers staring sentimentally at the camera is matched with audio recordings of their responses to questions about what makes them happy, what they need in life, etc. Some of the story behind new album Singles is included. Watch below.


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I responded below

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See response below

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To be clear: The intent of the sentence “Who could possibly imagine why her fans have turned her into a sex object?” is not to blame or “slut-shame” Iggy for this sad state of affairs, but to blame the guys on the radio for focusing entirely on sex at the expense of any discussion of the music. By continually lobbing sex-related questions at her without even making an attempt to address her music, they are reinforcing the attitudes that lead her so-called fans to think of her as their plaything. There’s no way they would have approached an interview with a man this way. I’m definitely not suggesting that Iggy openly discussing her sex life means “she was asking for it,” and I recognize that she is in a difficult position because if she shuts them down she will be labeled as a bitch. All I meant is that there is a connection between the way people treat her in the media and the way people treat her at her shows.

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I appreciate you saying that!

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Yeah I was particularly pained about the omission of Pains.

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Thanks, I’ll fix that.

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You’re really going on the warpath in defense of INDIE CINDY?

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For this we all thank you.

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