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People have been speculating about a Sleater-Kinney reunion forever — especially since Carrie Brownstein and Janet Weiss’ other band Wild Flag broke up a year ago — and Brownstein didn’t exactly shoot down the idea in her interview with Stereogum last January. Nor did the announcement of career-spanning box set Start Together quell those rumors. In fact, now that Start Together is showing up in the mail, it’s only fueling the rumor mill. As reader Kevin Zidek of Chicago points out — and first rumored on a vinyl message board earlier this month — the box set comes with a 7″ marked “1/20/15″ (a Tuesday) featuring a previously unreleased Sleater-Kinney song, reportedly titled “Bury Our Friends.” We haven’t been able to hear the music yet, but Zidek tweeted some photos. Check out his tweets and some additional photos he emailed us below.

Words I Don’t Remember” was released before How To Dress Well had even announced “What Is This Heart?”, but it turned out to be that album’s emotional core. It was a gauzy, glassy-eyed R&B anthem that kept piling on the layers until you could climb it to heaven. Now, as part of the same remix EP that gave us A.G. Cook’s odd reworking of “Repeat Pleasure” and Dubbel Dutch’s take on “Very Best Friend,” the Range has delivered a remix that maintains the mood of the original while trading out the lush, euphoric production for something more like brisk, melancholy computer pop. It’s pretty, so listen.

Nashville rockers Bully blast out of the gates on new single “Milkman” and never decelerate. The song, the A-side on Bully’s latest 7″, toes the line between lively pop-punk and crystalline indie-rock in an extremely attractive manner. Out front, longtime sound engineer Alicia Bognanno proves she’s at least as adept at emitting passionate outbursts as she is at recording them. The resulting melodic rager is nothing new, but it sounds incredibly fresh. Pump your fist to it below.


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Whoops, you’re right. I got my Mels mixed up.

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Sorry, guys. There was a quick turnaround for this, but that’s no excuse for typos. I think they’ve all been corrected now.

As noted in the edit above, I neglected to mention that Lindsey Stirling got extremely popular by playing classical violin over top of dubstep beats. IMO Clean Bandit is way better than this bullshit:

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Ugh, thanks. That’s fixed now.

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Adjusting that now. Sorry for the misprint; we got faulty information.

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You’re right, and that would definitely fit with the climate change motif I’m picking up.

That’s fair. I should have noted that she doesn’t really have much competition. La Roux was OK. Elusive Chanteuse was OK. Ariana Grande’s album was strong — better than Mariah’s IMO, even if Mariah’s had more character. Love “Chandelier” but didn’t really care for Sia’s album. Shakira had at least one great single (“Empires”) but her album was stuffed with so much filler. Sheezus was more interesting to me conceptually than as actual music. If we’re expanding this beyond female pop stars, I probably need to spend some time with 5 Seconds Of Summer’s LP as I wrote on them when they only had an EP out. Sam Smith’s album was not what I hoped it would be. Ed Sheeran’s “Don’t” is growing on me, but c’mon, Ed Sheeran did not make the year’s best pop album. Loved the Bleachers album, which I covered in this column, but I wouldn’t classify it as “pop” in the same sense as the rest of these. I continue to ride for Coldplay’s Ghost Stories, which I think ranks with their best work, so I guess that puts them in this conversation. BeyoncĂ© wipes the floor with Tove’s album, but yeah, it’s a 2013 release.

It’s kind of crazy to think about someone paying hard-earned money for a new Train album, but then again I’m kind of surprised it didn’t debut at #1.

They do literally wear blue collars there

Oh, thanks for pointing that out. Here in Ohio the news about young Andrew hasn’t reached us yet!