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“She looks so perfect standing there/ In my American Apparel underwear” is the new “I like girls who wear Abercrombie & Fitch.” Fifteen years ago, at the height of boy-band mania, America was bombarded by LFO’s “Summer Girls,” in which bros with magnificently sculpted haircuts and bodacious bods sing-rapped clumsy couplets between harmonious refrains about the reigning prep attire of the day. These days it’s marvelously coifed Aussie mall punks 5 Seconds Of Summer serving up choruses about lovely ladies wearing name-brand garments — or, in the case of breakthrough single “She Looks So Perfect,” undergarments. 5 Seconds Of Summer presents as a rock band, but they register as a boy band. They are teen idols no different from the NKOTBs and 98 Degrees of yesteryear but for a Stratocaster in hand and their logo emblazoned on a kick drum.

Kieran Hebden aka Four Tet aka no-really-he’s-not-Burial just blessed us with two new tracks under his Percussions alias yesterday, and now he’s given us a third. Just over an hour ago Hebden tweeted a link to “Sext,” maybe the finest of the three excursions into experimental four-on-the-floor thump. I could actually imagine provocative SMS messages sounding like this while traveling through circuits, getting ready to digitally titillate whoever’s on the other end. Listen below and be titillated yourself.

One of my revelations during Coachella’s first weekend was that Chromeo has become a really big deal, in part because the duo’s eternally throwback electrofunk evokes many of the same sensations as the EDM festival-killers who now rule the summer. They’re masters of putting a smile on the faces of everyone around, themselves included, and despite their kitschy inclinations they’re absolutely serious about their craft. In a show of strength and versatility, this latest preview of Chromeo’s upcoming White Women leaves the sense of humor behind in favor of muted melancholia. Vampire Weekend frontman Ezra Koenig duets with Chromeo singer David Macklovitch on “Ezra’s Interlude,” a piano ballad gone digital that wouldn’t have sounded all that out of place amidst the synthetic wonders of Modern Vampires Of The City. Listen below.


 +1Posted on Apr 10th | re: The Week In Pop: What Is Ed Sheeran Thinking? (22 comments)

Also a keen observation!

 +2Posted on Apr 10th | re: The Week In Pop: What Is Ed Sheeran Thinking? (22 comments)

Interesting thesis!

Thanks! We’ll get that fixed.

Oh, and there’s Green Day’s “Minority” at the end.

Just noticed Spoon’s “Small Stakes” is in there too.

 +1Posted on Apr 2nd | re: Behold The Justin Vernon Family Tree (27 comments)

Good fucking question!

 +5Posted on Apr 1st | re: Behold The Justin Vernon Family Tree (27 comments)

You are correct.

 +5Posted on Mar 27th | re: The Week In Pop: Shakira And Latin Pop's Too-Big-To-Fail Era (17 comments)

It’s not supposed to suggest that Shakira was the first singer to pull that off.

 +8Posted on Mar 26th | re: Sisyphus - "Booty Call" Video (7 comments)

I dunno, as Stereogum’s resident Bible-thumping Christian, I thought that youth pastor line was hilarious.

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