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 +1Posted on Sep 24th, 2013 | re: Watch A Video Diary Of James Brooks And Grimes' Summer (5 comments)

“For the past month, they’ve been carrying cameras with them around the world”

you mean . . . their phones?

You read him crediting someone for their contribution to the album as “the same type font and size” (as though that could ever possibly matter to anyone) as namechecking?

Even if you were right (and, to be clear, I don’t think you are): Ok, granted, I do think biographical fetishism is a big problem in music journalism, and I think a lot of coverage has a tendency to group people together unfairly, in a way that is limiting or overly reductive, and because of that it’s easy to resent well-known people for acknowledging that they know/hang out with/have gratifying personal relationships with other well-known people, but these are two people that live together, talk together, make music in the same room–for them to NOT credit one another as influences and sort of ‘implicit collaborators’ would be insane and artificial. Crediting Grimes for her artwork is a functional and straightforward way to acknowledge her (probably significant) contribution to the EP.

Like, I’m aware that this comparison isn’t flawless, but no one accused Mac DeMarco of ‘namechecking’ his girlfriend when he pulled her onstage for Still Together whenever that was, a few days ago, because that would be bona fide insane–I don’t think James should be villified for the fact that YOU recognize his partner’s name.

All ‘my girlfriend’ criticism reeks to me of a weird kind of solipsism, that you think someone is talking about the person they love for the sake of producing a certain reaction in you, a total stranger.

 +2Posted on Jun 21st, 2013 | re: The 5 Best Videos Of The Week (7 comments)


Majical Cloudz — Bugs Don’t Buzz

 +4Posted on Jun 13th, 2012 | re: L$D And The Speed Of Post-Internet Content Creation (28 comments)

“If you have a microphone, a little MIDI interface for like $150, and Logic, that’s pretty much all you need,”

I’m sort of intrigued by this. In spite of having as little musical background as a kid raised by parents and teachers that prize “creativity” can, I’ve been really fascinated by the kind of stuff Grimes does, and am curious how to break into that–but I have no understanding of the way that one even makes it. I’ve been screwing around with Ableton Live for a little bit, and have been having a lot of fun making loops, but how few components could one use to make, basically, a Grimes song? Would a microphone, a MIDI keyboard and Ableton be enough? Would it be cheaper to get a mic, a MIDI keyboard and Logic?

Basically, if I want to start making music that is just loops and vocals, how would I go about doing that? And how cheap could it be?