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my interest in this woman and her song s are about as authentic as…………….. the meat in chicken mc nuggets. oh yes. a big, fat cardboard box of nuggests. golden chunks of “meat”. two of them pasted to some broad’s face. you just want to lick it. LICK IT. put some honey garlic on that piece. dab some BBQ on those ‘gets and you can just eat them.

 0Posted on Jan 17th, 2011 | re: Haunting The Chapel's Top 50 Albums Of 2010 (64 comments)

A fantastic list. We share pretty much the same taste in metal (but I knew that last year when Gin and Axe to Fall topped your list, even if I would have switched them around) so you’re my favorite critic on the stuff. I would have put Horseback at 3 and pushed Inquisition way back the list. I guess I’m the minority by hating that album. Those fucking vocals, man. Like someone strangling kirmit the frog. And not in a good way. I also think A forest of Stars “Opportunistic Thieves of Spring” deserves at least a mention even though it wasn’t as good as “The Corpse of Rebirth”

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If you have news about agalloch i will personally erect a shrine in your name. I’ve been seriously jonesing for a new album. i have my vinyl copy of ashes against the grain spinning right now. [/fag post]

also lol at fox namedrop

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also, my dad loved the rhcp :|

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the chili peppers have made some really good songs

but this is good news. frusciante solo stuff is fantastic and way better then what they’ve done lately. sometimes you have to move on.

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at the risk of looking totally ridiculous reise, reise was a fantastic album :|