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It’s hilarious! How can such comment be downvoted? What’s downvotable in it?

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Requesting 10 best and worst Rhianna’s songs!

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‘We Found Love’ is obviously a good song – calling it one of the finest would be a stretch. And if you like it, I can’t undertand how you don’t like the rest of Calvin Harris. His first two albums are absolute fun, on third he’s making dollars. And he doesn’t seem to be taking himself very serious, he’s no J.Biebz at that point.

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I didn’t know “Turn Down For What” is a recent song. I thought it’s some classic booty-shaker.

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The War On Drugs is like the most summery music, not spending summer at the beach music, but riding in my chevy through the desert kind of music.

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Salad Days is my Before Today of 2014.

I very much appreciate your responce.

I can clearly see why her recent behaviour and the reception she gets from media and folks can make one irritated.

But you know what, that is also the part of her lifepath (I am not going to keep telling that on and on :-) ). Her being an unfamous singer-songwriter, going through surgeries, making changes, being chosen by corporate cats to become a couple-tricks pony who just pushes the pleasure centre buttons. That lady clearly has some story behind her, drama if you will. She makes an impression of a very fragile unconfident person who is not able to resolve the conflict between her lust for glory and glamourous life and the fear of not fulfilling people’s expectations. That also makes her a very endearing person, you care about her. I don’t care about Gaga, Perry, Bey, Britney and Ri the way I do about her, these tough ladies can take care of themselves.

Ok, I see that I am not going anywhere. I am sorry :-) I guees I am just in awe with her.

You know what I like about Lana? She carries her character all the way through from start to finish. When Lana is being interviewed it’s not her impersonator Elizabeth Grant, it’s a thoroughly thought-through character, and it takes a certain dedication to stick to it.

Imagine Darth Vader being interviewed. Would you blame him for his unpacifist intentions, like, “Oh, come on, Dart! Could you please once in a while just drop that mask off!”

Ok, I am saying this half-seriously. What I actually want to tell you is that you can’t expect different from Lana. Let her do her job.

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BTW, can you guys remind me what was the song, where Rick Rock was talking on the phone – selling dope through his I-PHONE?

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I don’t see how it is related to the DAC upgrade, I mean, headphone jack doesn’t stand in the way of doing it anyway.

What I ocassionally fantasize about is Apple doing actual musical player, because current Ipods do not offer anything signifantly different from the phones, it’s a phone without radio module. I use HiFiman HM-601, and it surpasses any phone in terms of sound, but I just miss the modern user experience with it, I mean slick album arts, instant lyrics, instant scrobble and so on. Apple have this huge music store, now these headphones, which I personally find to be merely atrocious in terms of look, though it is somehow considered to be their selling point, anyway, Apple just doesn’t offer the most important link in the music consumption chain – players. I don’t know, it’s just that they mastered their craft of bringing pleasurable experience to their consumers and I can’t think they would fail with audiophile players, especially when people are more informed about audio technologies.