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The terrible user interface, especially with the mobile app, and its inconsistency is what made me cancel my premium plan. I’ve read so many great things about Rdio’s apps that I’m very tempted to try them out.

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July 16, 2012 on Spotify In The USA: One Year Later

I was pretty much in love with Spotify from the start. Signed up for Premium after a couple of weeks and had it… until last month.

At first, I simply focused on my love for the general service and decided to overlook the absolute crappiness of the apps. I thought, give it time, it will improve. Truth is it simply has not. And even if they’ve added some new things, it still falls flat on its face on the most basic functionality. It’s mind-boggling!

The desktop app has become insanely slow, while the mobile app started forgetting offline playlists then not scrobbling to last.fm. Last month I decided enough was enough.

I’m also worried about the low payout – 0.39 cents per stream. As mentioned in the article, if they could get more people to become paying customers, it would probably go up. And the most simple way to do that is to redesign the applications. As soon as they fix them, I’ll go back to my premium plan. I miss it terribly!

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July 16, 2012 on Spotify In The USA: One Year Later

Keith Moon will be glad to join this one!

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April 17, 2012 on All-Hologram Coachella Lineup Leaks

I feel like this is the type of thing that is understandably embraced with wide open arms by the writer types as its only reason of existence is to validate and over-glorify their own lives as privileged, what-I-have-to-say-is-so-damn-important (it probably isn’t!) personalities.

The idea that she’s writing a freaking memoir at age 26 says it all. It is also not funny… at all. I think HBO/everyone oversold it – because of Judd Apatow – when it’s actually a “light drama”. As for Kelly’s comment about her real life disconnect, I do not hold it against the show as it is clearly about young women like her who want to be “independent” but don’t want to take on the full responsibility and are enabled by their parents.

Having said that, I didn’t completely hate it and I’m willing to give it the benefit of the doubt for at least 3 episodes.

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April 16, 2012 on Talking About Girls, Finally

I read a small spoiler regarding the graphic novel that may bring me back for another season…


Lori and her baby are killed in a bloody way in the prison. (Google the illustration) OF COURSE, they are in no way bound to the novel but the thought alone… See you in October!

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March 19, 2012 on The Walking Dead S02E13: Season Finale

Only good thing I can say about this band is that lady has the nicest hair this side of Sarah from Phantogram.

Tell me your secret!

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February 19, 2012 on Watch Sleigh Bells Perform — And Justin Timberlake Impersonate Bon Iver — On SNL

“I don’t know but white butler is really into it…”

That killed me.

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February 19, 2012 on Watch Sleigh Bells Perform — And Justin Timberlake Impersonate Bon Iver — On SNL

“(maybe GET SOME MORE GIRLS on this cast),”

Their problem is they need to GET MORE TALENTED GIRLS on this cast. The only other female cast member that’s actually good is Nasim Pedrad. The others are in a constant race to which one is less deserving of being in a national TV show. They’re all so bad!

PS: I was truly surprise that I enjoyed this episode so much and now all I can do is feel bad for Daniel Radcliffe because his episode was SO BAD, even though he’s way more talented than Channing Tatum and Charles Barkley. Are the SNL writers secretly Death Eaters?!

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February 6, 2012 on Saturday Night Live: Channing Tatum And Bon Iver

What? No shout out to the Menomena sample?

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January 19, 2012 on Album Of The Week: Schoolboy Q Habits & Contradictions

Could it be that you and I have listened to the wrong songs?

I kind of dig it. Sounds a bit like The Phantom Band.

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January 19, 2012 on Django Django – “Default” Video

What about longer titles that contain the band name? Then I’d add:
Mogwai – Mogwai Fear Satan
Handsome Furs – Handsome Furs Hate This City

Both were on their debut after all.

No Joy
Summer Camp

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January 19, 2012 on 20 Songs Named After The Bands That Played Them

Spin off version of Adele office crying skit BUT with people contemplating the beauty of this world while listening to Holocene in very inappropriate places.

Jay Pharoah does a Kanye impression with a rap based on his latest twitter rampage. JV does a guest verse.

JV improvs with Garth and Kat during Weekend Update.

Celebrity impressions montage for Valentine’s Day. JV does Willie Nelson!

So many possibilities!

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January 11, 2012 on Bon Iver To Make SNL Debut; What Should They Play?

WHO CARES what they’re going to play!

The REAL question is how can they use Justin Vernom in a skit?…. To the brainsquashing room!

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January 11, 2012 on Bon Iver To Make SNL Debut; What Should They Play?


I guess this means I should keep hope alive for a new I Love You But I’ve Chosen Darkness album.

“The World Is Full Of Possibilities” – Calvin & Hobbes

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January 9, 2012 on 120 Days – “Dahle Disco”

“…her debut album…”

Tsk, tsk.

*shakes head*

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January 6, 2012 on Sharon Van Etten Makes TV Debut On Fallon

Sorry to be the downer here, but I’m very disappointed. I didn’t find the remix that interesting other than the fact that DAVID F’ING LYNCH did it. If this came from any other no name remixer people wouldn’t bother.

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January 6, 2012 on David Lynch Remixes Zola Jesus

Bloggers just love throwing Joy Division into everything. To me, this reminds me of Depeche Mode. Listen to that chorus!

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January 6, 2012 on The Twilight Sad – “Another Bed”

The most glaring omission: SHARON VAN ETTEN.

I mean, there’s even a release date set. It’s not speculation.

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December 22, 2011 on The 50+ Most Anticipated Albums Of 2012

Should read: Ryan Gosling (Dead Man’s Bones)

Don’t know about anyone else, but I still listen to them every once in a while.

Guys, it feels like I make this same comment every year BUT can you have a female significant other or friend pick the picture for the guys? The selection is always so dismal compared to the girls! If you need someone to volunteer their time for this task I am willing to sacrifice for the greater good.

Better Alex Turner pics: http://www.last.fm/music/Alex+Turner/+images

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December 20, 2011 on The Gummy Awards: Your Top 20 Indie Rock Crushes Of 2011

Publicist Of The Year!

To put it in perspective, LCD Soundsystem never played SNL.

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December 19, 2011 on Lana Del Rey To Perform On SNL, Two Weeks Before Her Debut LP Release