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 +1Posted on Nov 15th | re: Ariel Pink Calls Grimes "Stupid And Retarded" (49 comments)

Replace Grimes with Azaleia Banks, and I’m all for it.

Yeah, silly me. I gotta tell my friend that those beatings he took were probably his fault, and those guys screaming at him just wanted him to be nicer to women.

 +2Posted on Nov 2nd | re: R.I.P. Wayne Static (5 comments)

10 Best Static-X songs? Eh?

Maybe I’m missing the forest through the trees, but I find it odd for him to complain that people aren’t paying enough attention to the music when he’s the one who keeps adding fuel to the fire with regards to his completely out-of-the-blue hatred for TWoD.

 +3Posted on Oct 29th | re: Owen Pallett, Amanda Palmer Weigh In On Jian Ghomeshi Scandal (54 comments)

Still waiting for Billy Bob Thornton to weigh in.

What about Live? Can’t YOU hear the dolphin’s cry?

The most memorable part of that for me is when Fred Durst yells in the background “I’m feeling those lighters!”

 0Posted on Oct 23rd | re: Ariel Pink Talks About Being "Raped In The Ass" By Dominatrix (29 comments)

“Sesame Street is responsible for child leukemia.”

 +4Posted on Oct 23rd | re: Wayne Coyne Comments On Kesha/Dr. Luke Controversy (8 comments)

Maybe Wayne Coyne and Ariel Pink are having a Freaky Friday moment. We’ve got to change them back!