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I could watch 2001: A Space Odyssey every weekend and be the happiest girl alive!
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August 26, 2011 on Your Emergency Hurricane Irene Netflix Instant Streaming Go Bag
that was the first thing I thought of too!
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August 4, 2011 on Who Would Play Cathy In A Live-Action Cathy Movie?
Kelly, I completely agree! I first saw The Never Ending Story when I was five and cried so much that the babysitter had to call my parents.
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July 28, 2011 on Science Has (Incorrectly) Determined The Saddest Movie Scene Of All Time
Either Trebek is a badass or this whole story is Fake and Silverlake.
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July 27, 2011 on GET WELL SOON, ALEX TREBEK!
Oh my, as a lady who likes the ladies, these photos have just sent me back to bed! Good night everyone, today is done.
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July 14, 2011 on The 2011 Emmy Nominations
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July 14, 2011 on The 2011 Emmy Nominations
Oh, I so badly wanted this movie to be good! I love Baz Luhrmann but NOPE!
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July 11, 2011 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Australia
I also LOVED Beginners! I'm a sucker for a touching quiet film and this one was just perfect!
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July 1, 2011 on This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys
I do too! Pogo is always my favourite time of day!
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June 22, 2011 on This Is Nice: Pogo Disney Remix, “Bloom”
"I love this dog but he's blocking the view of my abs."
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June 21, 2011 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Ryan Gosling Carrying A Dog
He left his mouth open for a looooooooong time after that Tea Kettle joke. If only we could have a gif of that...
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June 13, 2011 on How To: Microwave Your Food
Oh hell no! Why wasn't there a warning first?
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June 10, 2011 on Gabe And Max Like The Internet Episode 5
poor little comment. if only we were graced with a delete function...
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June 9, 2011 on Draw Something: Ed Helms’ The Hangover Part II Tattoo