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THANK YOU. That was seriously bugging me.
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October 10, 2011 on Breaking Bad S04E13: Season Finale
But having Kenny G for the second song TOTALLY redeemed that. #yachtrockforever
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October 10, 2011 on Saturday Night Live: Ben Stiller And Foster The People
I can't believe you didn't mention Hank and Marie's kitchen... So. Much. Purple.
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October 3, 2011 on Breaking Bad S04E12: Think About It, It’s Brilliant!
Or Carl Weathers.... http://3.bp.blogspot.com/_WUvmQcmsdWc/TAm8rYkyluI/AAAAAAAABgI/8sMXuc5nwrw/s1600/CarlWeathersStew.jpg
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October 3, 2011 on Arrested Development Movie And TV Episodes Open Thread
You guys, we found the replacement for Andy Rooney!!
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September 28, 2011 on Anderson Cooper Is A Real Journalist
Hey Kelly No big deal or anything, I mean, I know you didn't work here back in 2010, but this is a very VERY good rejected audition tape: http://videogum.com/181861/chris-kleins-mamma-mia-audition-is-very-upsetting/behind-the-scenes/ I just watched it again. So good.
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September 26, 2011 on Hey, Why Not Watch Some Breaking Bad Audition Tapes?
Gawker has been doing reviews of the new shows. I think they have said that most of them are terrible? Maybe there was one that was good, but I don't remember right now. I can't wait until they tear into Whitney.
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September 23, 2011 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread
To be fair, I'm pretty sure J. Edgar is a rom-com.
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September 23, 2011 on This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys
This made me feel a tiny bit better: http://thehill.com/blogs/blog-briefing-room/news/99689-poll-78-percent-favor-repealing-dont-ask-dont-tell It's a poll from over a year ago saying that 78% of Americans support the repeal of DADT. So I guess only 20ish% of our country is complete and utter garbage?
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September 23, 2011 on Another Republican Debate, Another Disgusting Nightmare!
If you can't tell, that is a guy flipping off the camera. I love that Louie left that in. Perfection.
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September 13, 2011 on The 10 Best TV Opening Title Sequences
YES. http://27.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lpl6vabkxO1qalhsgo1_500.jpg
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September 13, 2011 on The 10 Best TV Opening Title Sequences
Serious question: In his regular show (which people pay to see??) does he do those bits for 45 minutes? I seriously can't even believe what I just saw.
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September 8, 2011 on Carrot Top Performs Prop Comedy For Vice President Dick Cheney
Oh sorry. I didn't get the memo that it was supposed to be a Madonna-themed pun. Poor guy must fuck like Swept Away. #fixed
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September 6, 2011 on The Videogum Why Don’t YOU Caption It? Contest: Madonna Loathes Hydrangeas
Gabe, I thoroughly enjoy your recaps every week - they are witty, concise, and appropriately make fun of the ridiculousness of it all. But my favorite part of these recaps, BY FAR are the screen grabs with captions. "Don't bring a witch to a basketball shorts fight" and "Frere Jaques" probably made me laugh as hard as I will laugh all day. Thank you.
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August 15, 2011 on True Blood S04E08: Keats And Yeats Are On Your Side
I signed in just to upvote this. I wish I could give it all the upvotes (is that still a thing to say here?)
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August 1, 2011 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Greenberg
Can any of you New York ELITES tell me if the War Horse movie is based on the Tony Award winning play of the same name?
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July 1, 2011 on This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys
I guess Whitney Cummings really likes laugh tracks?
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May 20, 2011 on Even More, You Know, Upfronts
But he forgot to rest his case! I guess it is just a clip, so SOMEONE rests their case at the end of all this.
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May 20, 2011 on Even More, You Know, Upfronts
Holy shit, this thread is making me feel old. I was definitely out of high school when 9/11 happened. But I have to give you guys props (is that what the kids say these days? Ow, my arthritis) because I seriously can't imagine being stuck inside a school all day with teachers who can be shitty and insensitive (not all are like that, but you had to have at least one), and the general idiots who populate high schools (see thisismynightmare's story below). That day was such a mindfuck, I probably would have just walked out Judd Nelson-style.
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February 28, 2011 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Remember Me
Paul Scheer and company are giving Gabe a run for his money on the WMOAT Hunt: http://www.earwolf.com/show/how-did-get-made
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January 3, 2011 on “While We Were Out” Open Thread
Did anyone see Betty White on the Barbara Walters' Special? At one point, Babs is like "Finish this sentence: 'Betty White is.....'" and Betty responded with "overexposed." I've never been a Betty hater, but I thought Gabe would actually like that. She's totally aware how stupid this whole hoopla is. Also SOLID night of NBC comedies but WOOF the new "Perfect Couples" looks BAD.
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December 10, 2010 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Christmas Specials Edition
Wait.... How can Matthew McConaughey AND Josh Lucas be in the same film? They are the same person!! It's like Batman and Bruce Wayne being in the same room.
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December 2, 2010 on The Lincoln Lawyer Trailer, You Guys
I keep thinking of long lists of terrible holiday movies like this too, and then I think to myself, "Gabe is a PERSON. This is too cruel." Somehow a block of shitty Christmas movies is too much for one person to bear.
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November 23, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Holiday Movie Nominees
Oh. My. God. Thank you so much! I could not place him for the life of me.
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October 15, 2010 on Thursday Night TV Open Thread: Live 30 Rock Edition
When I saw his face, I really thought it was going to be a movie about Marky Mark fighting for the money for his retarded/Rain Man brother. I was like NOOOOOOOO Christian Bale, don't go full retard!
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September 16, 2010 on The Fighter Trailer, You Guys