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 0Posted on Jul 25th | re: Thank Arcade Fire For The Unicorns Reunion (4 comments)

Other than maybe Is This It?, Return to the Sea by Islands was the most loved album of my teenage years. Rough Gem and Don’t Call Me Whitney, Bobby will both be ingrained in my mind for life and Swans (Life After Death) is a perfect musical epic.

That song is so obnoxious I can already tell it’s going to get a lot of play at my beer league softball team’s games. 2 Chainz yelling 2 Chainz never fails to get me nice and hyped up for brews and bats.

 +1Posted on Jul 22nd | re: Album Of The Week: Courtship Ritual Pith (20 comments)

Props for the John Hughes analogy. Spot on.

 0Posted on Jul 22nd | re: Album Of The Week: Courtship Ritual Pith (20 comments)

I wasn’t aware it had leaked. Thanks for the tip.

 +1Posted on Jul 22nd | re: Album Of The Week: Courtship Ritual Pith (20 comments)

Plus the song “Next of Kin” could not sound more like a Hospitality song, which is such a good thing.

 +3Posted on Jul 22nd | re: Album Of The Week: Courtship Ritual Pith (20 comments)

I can’t say I didn’t enjoy this album, but man the new Alvvays record is just such a blast there’s no way it isn’t my AotW. It’s certainly just a indie pop record, but what it lacks in originality it more than makes up for in beautiful, warm melodies and catchy riffs. Great for summer nights spent driving.

 +7Posted on Jul 21st | re: The Unicorns - "Rocketship" (Daniel Johnston Cover) (2 comments)

I saw The Unicorns at the top right of the homepage and freaked out assuming it was new material, then got super depressed thinking it was someone covering The Unicorns, then I realized it was vice versa and got excited again.
It’s been a rollercoaster of a page click. Really hope some new material is coming soon.

 +7Posted on Jul 21st | re: Spoon - "Inside Out" (26 comments)

I was going to not listen to any of the tracks until I had the whole album, but after listening to some Divine Fits I just couldn’t wait to get some new Britt Daniel so I figured I’d give this a once through to see what to expect.
Holy shit.
This is incredible.

 +2Posted on Jul 20th | re: Watch St. Vincent Explode David Letterman's Brain (15 comments)

So glad they’re doing this song now. I never really liked Digital Witness as their go to live song off the album. It always felt kinda flat. This song has an appropriately high amount of Annie Clarke shredding though, which is always a good thing.

 0Posted on Jul 19th | re: Portrait Of An American Family Turns 20 (32 comments)

As someone who came through the scholastic pipeline a decade later, he was the singer that kids that were trying to be hardcore would listen to but was a bit of a musical joke to everyone else. Can’t say I’ve heard a single song by him that I liked, but I did love the rumors.
That “removed his ribs to suck his dick” rumor was still getting pasted around in my time though, so that seems to show what kind of impact he had on culture (hint: not musical).