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mm hah mm-mm hah

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Can we stop dancing around how “The Way We Get By” is the best song on the album? And how the bass entrance still wows us, even though we try to anticipate it every time?

There’s actually a shuffle I do while driving in my car that I am unable to reproduce unless “Back to the Life” is playing. Right during the bridge, after the keys cut out and it’s just the Spoon-claps, Jim Eno shaking some maracas, and Britt’s huge acoustic riff.

You know, THIS part:

Also, when I want to scare people, I mimic Britt Daniel’s laugh at the start.


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I’m starting to feel really good about my decision to move to the English countryside.

I’d have included the Eagles, if only for contrast. After the band broke up in 1980, Don Henley emphatically dismissed speculation about a reunion, insisting that they’d reunite “when hell freezes over.” Lo and behold, they reunited fourteen years later in 1994 and titled their reunion live album Hell Freezes Over.

They’ve since gone on to tour like crazy and release a new record with four-fifths of The Long Run’s classic lineup (Don Felder was ousted in the early 2000s and didn’t appear on the Farewell I tour).

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Here’s what I wish for Paul McCartney’s birthday: that people would stop treating him like a John Lennon’s ball-and-chain. Prefer which Beatle you prefer (I may even prefer John’s songs myself), but let’s all stop acting like he wasn’t an absolutely stunning pop songwriter. Whoever said “The Beatles are dying in reverse order of coolness” should be disbarred from discussing music in any context.

(James Murphy is a genius, but Chris Martin isn’t “as talented as Paul McCartney.” Just because Martin happens to write music in an era of ubiquity doesn’t make “Yesterday” or “Helter Skelter” any less amazing.)

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I certainly hope nobody was naive enough to expect something else.

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I’m still pretty amazed he pursued a hardcore music career with a name like that.