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oh man the newsroom got so bad this week! it was already bad but sunday it was really bad
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August 6, 2012 on Breaking Bad S05E04: Mr. Hat’s Got His Hat On Again
Kelly, I love your interminable concern for Lindsay Lohan's life/health.
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July 24, 2012 on Here Are Some Afternoon Links!
My thoughts exactly. I saw her on Conan last week and she seemed awful.
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April 16, 2012 on Talking About Girls, Finally
nearly shed a tear after the car crash
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April 16, 2012 on Goodbye Kenny Powers
what about her aborted black baby?!?
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June 23, 2010 on I’m Worried About Megan Fox, You Guys!*
thats exactly what ive been trying to say hotspur, thank you
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April 14, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Chasing Amy
gangy youre not following. all im saying is that the word can be used without any correlation to the mentally handicapped. when you say someone is mentally retarded you are saying they are mentally retarded. if you say someone is retarded you are not necessarily saying they are mentally retarded. see what i mean? i am not saying it is anything but negative in meaning, i am just saying that it means more than just being of a developmentally challenged condition
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April 13, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Chasing Amy
am i the only one who has seen the word used not in the slang sense? i mean the word has a much broader use than a playground insult or that dictionary.com definition. ive seen it used alot to describe the worst member of a group, say the weakest, slowest, sickest, dumbest. i apologize for being an ass above because i do realize gabe probably used it in the way you dont like, but i feel we should try to not be too conservative with our use of language. and i too read bangkok 8 fairly recently, a mighty fine book.
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April 12, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Chasing Amy
the word does not refer only to the mentally handicapped. read a book every now and then...
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April 12, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Chasing Amy
wait, is it still considered date rape if youre a prostitute?
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April 9, 2010 on Kiely Williams Just Says What We’re All Nightmaring
c'mon, saturnian lets do better than that
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April 8, 2010 on You Could Be Alicia Keys’s Next HUH?
you know something is considered important when it is used as the subject of a nike commercial
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April 8, 2010 on The New Tiger Woods Nike Commercial Is Only Making Things Worse
im sick of all this gay-rights propaganda
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April 2, 2010 on Two Mice Get Married By A Cat
fantastic. remember when he did subway commercials? or was that tom arnold? i always get them mixed up
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April 2, 2010 on Jon Lovitz Throws His Face Into The Photobomb Ring