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 0Posted on Jan 19th, 2010 | re: Kidz Bop Do Death Cab, Kings Of Leon (5 comments)

I feel like an old fart, i only recognized like three of these songs. Young children are more in tune with this stuff more than me now, god damn

 0Posted on Jan 19th, 2010 | re: Vampire Weekend Meet Tom DeLonge, Remain Mellow While Doing So (10 comments)

Sort of missed the point of all this… it was a main section of the article for the sole reason of making VW look cool and make Delonge look lame? Great journalism, totally necessary.

 0Posted on Jan 19th, 2010 | re: Vampire Weekend Bring "Horchata" To Ferguson, London Ice Rink (21 comments)

lol at all the people scoffing at VW because they’re a “hipster” band. What makes any other band discussed on this site more or less “hipster”? If anything, VW is less “hip” now due to the amount of press and attention they have received outside the indie community. Besides, you’re trashing a band on the internet for things besides their music, which ironically makes you a stuck up hipster douche.

 +2Posted on Dec 13th, 2009 | re: Rolling Stone's 100 Best Albums, Songs Of The '00s (233 comments)

Every list in that issue is pretty bad. I’m so sick of RS kissing Bono and Bruce Springsteen’s ass every month in every single issue. Hire at least like one fucking young person on your staff. Jesus

 0Posted on Dec 8th, 2009 | re: New Foreign Born Video - "Early Warnings" (10 comments)

i like this song and video a lot. Bull terriers are weird and ugly looking. Except Spuds Mackenzie of course, that dog knew how to party

 0Posted on Dec 8th, 2009 | re: SPIN's 40 Best Albums Of 2009 (174 comments)

I’ve warmed up to Girls a bit more, but i still don’t see why they are worthy of such hype and praise. Nothing really new or groundbreaking whatsoever.

 0Posted on Dec 3rd, 2009 | re: Pete Doherty Sings Nazi Anthem At German Fest (48 comments)

I don’t get why the Germans are so pissed, Pete is totally down with their country’s heritage. Have some manners Germany

 0Posted on Nov 20th, 2009 | re: New Vampire Weekend Video - "Cousins" (39 comments)

Not really liking this song at all

How do i go about entering such a contest