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I daresay if I do not observe an elevation of the tone of the general discourse found herein I might, perforce, reduce my visits to this locale. Ever your humble servant David Denby
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August 16, 2011 on True Blood S04E08: Keats And Yeats Are On Your Side
Do mind the motion picture you critique old bean: Chris Messina's character is opening a hotel in Vietnam (I imagine that to be the source of income that pays for the opulence. I quibble more with the aversion American film makers have with depictions of poor folks. Gerwig's adrift and in an apartment, Stiller's worse off. Regular folks. That simply won't do:Let's write in a millionaire, and his wife! and make them go away for the entire picture); the teenagers are twenty or so and one of them is Greenberg's niece. Rhys Ifans' character is a phlegmatic, shambling fellow who doesn't want to give his friend stick for his faults and who doesn't feel particularly close to his old band mate. We see that Greenberg's self-centered irascibility is in fact an issue with him when the Welshman unloads on the American for not knowing the nickname of his son. One feels the character played by Mr. Ifans was waiting for Greenberg to go away for another couple of decades rather than confront a former friend about a series of slights and defects. Next week: The Kids Are All Right and the Leads Are All Straight (I know actors play things called characters who are actually not themselves. But please, book us some lesbians Lisa! And the firing of the gardener. And the fling with Ruffalo. Josie Grossey!)
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August 1, 2011 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Greenberg
Did you not see the rumbling-bumbling-fumbling/whoops-get-me-out-of-here way that Stiller goes down on Gerwig? And she wants to see him again?
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July 26, 2011 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Synecdoche, New York
As far as earning a nomination is it enough for a motion picture to feel entirely constructed? For the casting to be wholly gutless and mismatched? For the film making to not reach beyond a checking off items on a list (a list which, admirably, attempts a portrayal of lesbian bed death)? For the actual human interactions to clunk horribly and for the emblematic outbursts to cause a brain stem deep kind of furious itch? (A boy tries to piss on a dog. Julianne Moore shit cans the brown man in an insanely off-putting jag. This Ruffalo guy labors toward a green and sustainable sexiness but is really more ass-holistic.) If so please add The Kids Are All Right (and the leads are straight.)
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July 26, 2011 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Synecdoche, New York