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 0Posted on May 23rd, 2012 | re: Progress Report: Metric (4 comments)

I guess it’s too late to make liturgy jokes anymore #2012

 -3Posted on May 11th, 2012 | re: Progress Report: Metric (4 comments)

it’s actually called synthethica guys, rookie mistake

 +1Posted on Jan 19th, 2012 | re: 20 Songs Named After The Bands That Played Them (128 comments)

madder rose – madder rose! TWEE. AS. FUCK.

 +4Posted on Jan 16th, 2012 | re: Mos Def - "Niggas In Poorest" (23 comments)

I mean I get that Tom’s just joking around and wasn’t aiming to be insensitive (and lordy knows thinking of him as Yasiin has been a weird transition for me as much as for the next guy!), but I think the objection here is towards the condescension in implying that a name change made on sincere religious grounds is some sort of whim or lark, like “aw how cute, he wants us to call him Yasiin now, isn’t that precious?” I don’t think that’s what Tom was going for but it’s just a tad too easy to interpret it that way IMO.

 +11Posted on Jan 12th, 2012 | re: Top 10 Bands With Members Who Don't Play Anything (77 comments)

dude, did you SEE the pavement reunion? bob fuckin’ nostanovich’s hype duties basically made that show.