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I’m late to the party, but it should definitely be John McCauley

 +3Posted on Mar 31st | re: Conor Oberst - "Governor's Ball" (1 comments)

I like this

That picture makes it look like a great time! Thousands of bros in tank tops squeezed in there dick to ass. Where do I sign up?

 +1Posted on Mar 24th | re: Arcade Fire Seek Bobblehead Stolen In Bridgeport (8 comments)

This is pretty funny. I bet this guy woke up like “Shit, what am I going to do with this stupid head now?”

 0Posted on Mar 6th | re: Joel Ford - "Connection To" (1 comments)

Bring back Tigercity!

Really? I thought the pizza joke was terrible and took way too long. I was falling asleep watching that.

Not sure how I feel about this. Sounds like Hamilton replaced Ezra as the lead singer of Vampire Weekend. His voice is amazing though, so it might just take time to get used to.

 0Posted on Feb 12th | re: Radiohead Release PolyFauna App (16 comments)

Windows Phone? Good one!

 0Posted on Jan 14th | re: Queen Latifah Says OutKast Are Working On New Album (6 comments)

I can also confirm that they are working on a new album

 +2Posted on Jan 14th | re: Watch Neko Case's Austin City Limits Episode (10 comments)

Jason Isbell’s new album was much better than Neko’s