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 +2Posted on Dec 17th | re: Watch Mark Ronson & Bruno Mars Go All Soul Train On The Voice (2 comments)

This song is great

 0Posted on Dec 17th | re: Watch Kendrick Lamar Debut A New Song On Colbert (29 comments)

Damn, Kendrick’s killin it

 +7Posted on Dec 16th | re: Album Of The Week: Charli XCX Sucker (44 comments)

“Every once in a while, a pop music album should come along and kick you in the dick. Lord willing, Sucker will get a chance to kick as many dicks as possible.”
Those are the best two sentences ever written on Stereogum.

I don’t know about the free version, but in paid Rdio you can defintely queue albums.

 -1Posted on Nov 12th | re: Mark Ronson - "Feel Right" (Feat. Mystikal) (5 comments)

Mystikal is still alive?

I’ve been wondering, is the problem more with Spotify or with the way the record industry is set up? In the case of Swift, Spotify presumably pays her record company, and she then gets some portion of that money. Do record companies pay artists fairly for streaming revenues? I would love to read a more in-depth examination of the issue from multiple angles.

Isn’t that more a problem with his record deal than Spotify’s payouts?

 0Posted on Nov 10th | re: Jeremih Allegedly Trashed A Fuddruckers In Montana (19 comments)

This is the best headline ever

 +3Posted on Nov 5th | re: Diarrhea Planet – “Kids” Video (1 comments)

Diarrhea Planet are just fucking awesome

I hope they trash it