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I get what PC Music is trying to do (music that's only good for pre-teens, that at the same time feels to older people as if supposedly it has a deeper meaning below the surface). It's a good trick: humans do go for the mystery, they get enchanted trying to solve "the puzzle". But in reality, there's no puzzle. You get what you see, and nothing more. The mystery is all an illusion. As such, I find this type of "artistry" pretty terrible. I can't listen to this for more than 10 seconds before my head explodes.
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November 2, 2015 on Hannah Diamond – “Hi” Video
I like this one way better than Flesh.
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October 30, 2015 on Grimes – “Scream” (Feat. Aristophanes)
If chillwave is over, so is our otherworldly imagination as a species.
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October 26, 2015 on Grimes – “Flesh Without Blood / Life In The Vivid Dream” Video
I don't understand why you've been downvoted. This is indeed plain pop music, and it's not atmosphere-building/parallel universe-unveiling as some of her previous songs. I'm personally again disappointed, because ALL of the 2009-2011 artists that gave us huge atmospheric music (e.g. How to dress well, washed out, memory tapes etc), their subsequent music was just BLAH.
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October 26, 2015 on Grimes – “Flesh Without Blood / Life In The Vivid Dream” Video
Sorry, misread your comment. Based on her new single, it sounds plain pop to me.
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October 25, 2015 on Watch Grimes Debut New Songs At Beach Goth 4
Exactly my thoughts too. I heard the new song, and it's just pop. It's rather good pop, but it's still pop. Nothing awesomely otherworldy as her previous record.
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October 25, 2015 on Watch Grimes Debut New Songs At Beach Goth 4
I don't personally like this. This is plain pop to me. We've heard that kind of music from others before. Grimes was fresh when she was making music that was extremely otherworldy. It had a strong atmosphere, it kinda made you feel high, without having to smoke anything. It was music from another dimension (especially "Be a body"). This... this is pop. Better pop than most out there, but still pop. Nothing new to me. Nothing that takes me high in any way.
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October 25, 2015 on Watch A Preview Of Grimes’ “Flesh Without Blood” Video
I would not speak of "rip off". As a fellow artist (in the graphics field), similarities are inevitable among artists, especially in our time, where everyone and their dog has released online some form of art, and the market is saturated with it. Now, regarding the song itself, I find it to be old style. Indie pop from 2006. Nothing new and exciting and corner-turning to really to capture my attention.
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August 6, 2015 on The Most Serene Republic – “Ontario Morning” (Stereogum Premiere)
I'm Greek and I love seeing one good Greek band finally making interesting music. Unfortunately, while this track is still a thousand times better than the rest of the Greek music, it's a bit too abstract to stand out. The track is not as strong as it should be to make waves internationally. Their original songs from a few years ago had more interesting arrangements and undeniable hooks.
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June 3, 2015 on Keep Shelly In Athens – “Benighted” (Stereogum Premiere)
Not bad, but pretty underwhelming for something I'd expect of the Neon Indian genius as first "single".
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June 1, 2015 on Neon Indian – “Annie”
Love it! This is the kind of music I like and unfortunately there's not many big new names making such music anymore. It's just the old timers (from 2009 onwards that is). Glad to see some new blood on that genre.
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June 1, 2015 on Hibou – “Dissolve” (Stereogum Premiere)
She actually fell very gracefully, especially considering her high heels. Good reflexes on her part putting her left leg on the step below her too, to soften the fall. Any other woman, even 15 years younger than her, would have probably broken something. Extra points for her: the video showed that she was singing live too (since there was no singing when she fell, apart from backup vocals).
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February 25, 2015 on Watch Madonna Fall Off The Stage At The BRIT Awards
I like this very much. Please note that I always disliked Florence because of her voice overshadowing the music (it was mixed too high and it was too frequent for my musical tastes). This is exactly the type of mixing/music I like instead. The human voice being just a part of the whole piece, and not the center piece.
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February 10, 2015 on Florence + The Machine – “How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful” Video
I love the song. But then again, I almost never try to listen to the lyrics, because not being a native English speaker, is hard for me to make it up (a few times i might research a song later about it). So I usually ignore that part, and so if the actual beat/music is good, that's good for me. And this one rocks.
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October 20, 2014 on Ariel Pink – “Black Ballerina”
Agreed. None of the two singles released so far do it for me either.
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August 18, 2014 on Caribou – “Our Love”
I'm not feeling this. In their previous albums, particularly on 936, there was a strong atmosphere. The psychedelic element was high, and it moved the listener to another state of mind. This sample just don't it at all for me. It's not because it's not "dub", but it's simply because it's missing a strong, defined atmosphere. Too many vocals too, they strive for a more pop album, but this takes away what made them unique.
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August 18, 2014 on Peaking Lights – “Breakdown”
He's a great guy, and a great artist. He deserved this!
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July 23, 2014 on Weird Al Earns First #1 With Mandatory Fun
I don't like that Grimes song. It's a depart from the aesthetics we had known her for. This one is too, I don't know, less interesting with that "party" sound.
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June 27, 2014 on The 5 Best Songs Of The Week