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This reminds me that I have credit to use!
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March 13, 2013 on Today We Talk About Kickstarter
Let's go back to how your friend was on the show... Also, I love that this turned into a Buffy/Angel discussion.
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March 5, 2013 on Here Are Some Morning Links!
Supposedly they added the new song because they thought the narrative needed it. Aka "we want to be nominated for an Oscar but songs we wrote decades ago are ineligible."
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January 14, 2013 on The 2013 Golden Globes Videogum Video Pizza Party
But at least you're not holding those people's IDs.
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January 9, 2013 on Today We Are All Emma Watson At The Airport
I have also been dropped during a trust fall. That is all. (Except that it was actually an exercise where you had to lift people through holes in a web made of ropes, without re-using an opening. Since I was little I went through the top, but whoops, dropped flat on my back.)
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December 22, 2012 on Trust Fall FAIL
And this just reminds me that Doyle is no longer with us :(
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September 25, 2012 on The 2012 Emmy Awards
Durham, NC has somewhat abandoned dinos on a running trail (http://blogs.newsobserver.com/bullseye/durhams-museum-of-life-and-science-dinosaur-decapitated).
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May 7, 2012 on Genius Child Abandons Idiot Family In Face Of Dinosaur Threat
Also, they don't understand how the First Amendment works (in that only the state can violate it).
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April 2, 2012 on Duh Aficionado Magazine: The Creator Of Two And A Half Men Is Awful, A Misogynist
I assume he is like my dad and has some sort of ledger where he keeps track of all the wine (well, my dad has a spreadsheet). I hadn't thought about the timeline element of the wine thiefing - he probably should have noticed already, if he was going to.
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March 28, 2012 on Downton Abbey S01E06: Matthew And Mary Sitting In A Tree, Dow-Ow-Own-Ton Ah-Ah-Bey
I always assumed that Bev is just completely oblivious to everyone around her. Which is why she runs around like a crazy person. I really thought that she was going to stab Paul with her ice pick when she went running at the blocks of ice.
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February 16, 2012 on Top Chef S09E14: Even More Boring Than The Regular Olympics!
How does Paul Rudd look the same now as he did in 1995?
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January 21, 2012 on This Week In GIFs!
I know!! I honestly started to choke up watching the trailer.
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January 13, 2012 on This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys
It's screaming "namaste" + the music, background and tunic that makes it yoga I think.
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July 8, 2011 on A Two-Year-Old Does Yoga For Some Reason
Hm, it seemed to me like the person was making those noises, not the dog...
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June 23, 2011 on This Dog Makes All The Correct Noises
Delaware: Where you go to buy your alcohol if you live in Pennsylvania.
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June 1, 2011 on United Stereotypes Of America
I was so hoping that we would get through a discussion of a movie/trailer without the phrase "white people problems." Almost made it!
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May 27, 2011 on I Don’t Know How She Does It Trailer, You Guys
I feel like the voiceover was way worse than Anne.
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May 3, 2011 on One Day Trailer, You Guys
Oh my god thank you for the Diana Wynne Jones shout out. I swear I am the only person I know who has read any of her books (and after wikipedia-ing her I apparently need to read more). Also here is a good time to admit to my Dalemark Quartet related AOL screen name.
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April 28, 2011 on Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows: Part II Trailer, You Guys
While Hugh Grant is very dreamy, he is only a year younger than Emma Thompson, so it's not completely unrealistic that he could play her older brother. But of course, that would be an easy detail to change in the script. Ok, defense jumping related to how some people thought that Emma Thompson was too old to play a love interest to Hugh Grant in Sense and Sensibility over.
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November 29, 2010 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Love Actually
I enjoyed the the "itunes just finished burning your cd" noise in the background after which the dad wanders away for a second. I'm glad this guy was multitasking and not focused solely on pulling out his kid's tooth via ridiculous stunt.
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December 2, 2009 on David After Dentist, Behold Your Legacy!