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Cast No Shadows

Bennie And The Jets. Super nostalgic song for me… dad playing it on the turntable rocking the house.

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Curious as to what Chet has done since? I couldn’t find anything aside from producing some projects.

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With a Little Help from My Friends. Yep.

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Can’t stream the entire album… it’s only snippets and says I need to sign up for a subscription.

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London Calling

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Weed and liquor aren’t “hip”. Get with the times bro. Oh, and molly is E yo.

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Grimes on too few lists? I’ve seen her name on tons of lists already.

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My mom and dad raised me on the Beatles. Many a fond memories of Revolver, Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt Pepper. I inherited all of their vinyl records but the Beatles albums are in pretty bad shape, would love to win this contest so I can raise my children on one of the best bands in the world on the best format humankind has invented.