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LOL. You’re a pleasant scribe, Lad. You’re forgetting that Michael is one man, and the fact that the only to top.. arguably top, or compare to him are a 4 piece that were ending when he was really getting started. That’s almost like comparing Air Jordan to Jackie Robinson,..or Mike Tyson to Ali. The pt is, Michael completely dominated everyone in his path. That’s unanimous. Think of all of the wonderfully cherished work of the `80s – all the emerging legends and those old ones. Now. I’m not suggesting that all the music of the time is unforgettable, but there’s classics a plenty from that period. Michael Jackson owned that time…can’t help when you’re born. We don’t know what we’d be talking about here, were they all around in one generation. And if Michael’ sales are only #6 all-time (is that a slouch, am I missing something?!?) …But the only way that is so, and he’s indeed in that particularly low slot, is if you discount his singles sales, and count someone elses…otherwise MJ’s #2 all-time in Longplay albums of any format. Check your source of info!

Baby Boomers keep TheBeatles legacy afloat. Their base does not grow in the way that Michaels does, apart from the tragedy of him dying. MJ’s fanbase swell was, and is a statistical! … and that’s scary because, frankly, he didn’t need any new fans, although that was as imminent as anything with such an artist (also, don’t mistake that lennons death too spiked group sales 30 yrs ago, finding his band a newer appeal).

I know all about the precious Beatles and the differences they made in recording methods and great song and many many hits. But to leap from an advance to utter greatness, “surpassing” contributions by all the many artists that would come (incl King of Pop), is reaching…and IDC how many editorials or editors that you bring along for the conviction.

Social cultural phenomenon?? Even before we lost him, how many times have Michael been referenced in song, in television, or film? ? ? Not Countable, I’ve tried! ….how many mags has he either graced the front, or been mentioned in the pages. He CERTAINLY HAS HAD HIS NAME CALLED QUITE A BIT MORE THAN THE BEATLES, seeing as he IS the winnngest person in recorded history. How many times have we all seen someone (other than the man himself) attempt the “moonwalk”…not to cite the decades of halloween costumes…song renditions…school plays etc. Michael made a bigger impact on the world than mere mortal of this documented era.

TheBeatles fans weren’t fainting for them, and if they did, they weren’t for long. I see McCartney all the time for about 16, 17 yrs…never once in any venue or appearance HAVE I EVER SAW ANYONE FAINT. Hey, Beatles make people desire to be better, kinder healthier individuals? No not multi generations. That was Michael Joseph Jackson. Beatles urge and inspire better living, better giving…to be children of God? to be godlike? to heal the world?? Na uh. That was Michael that did those things. Did TheBeatles donate and dedication to sickness and hunger in the way that this man has??? No. Not anywhere close. Not anywhere CLOSE! Not anywhere on record!

Unfortunately, MJ and half the Beatles are now deceased…impact?? culture?? Freshen My recollection on exactly who’s memorial was televised across the world, commercial-free, resulting in yet another set record, for viewership…..the many millions watching DID NOT EARN ANY MONEY FROM WATCHING IT. His cultural impact was Fucking GIANT. Hell, the Beatles never even had to show the grace of an MJ (and its a good thing, because they probably didn’t have it…claiming to have been “More Popular than God”) Get Real…

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You fuckin idiot!

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Where’s Usher? Luther Vandross? Santana?? Janet jackson??? Sure… Luther beats a Alicia Keys. Sure… Usher beats a Justin Timberlake. Sure… Santana beats a George Michael. And surely Janet beat’s a fucking 2-good-album career “Green Day”! Oh. Only room for one Jackson to get snubbed at #2…but plenty of room to place TheBeatles and half its member individually??? Get the fuck outta here….

I have more complaints but I wont flood page. Good day.

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shut you’re disgusting ass the hell up. Michael Jackson has sold more records than elvis, by about over 100 million. To sit there and write that bullshit about “no one being even close” to the accomplishments of beatles except for “ELVIS”, that is equally Ridiculous as your gripe, biased bonehead.

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Aw you’re as crazy as fuck. Jay-z Should not be that high, but he’s definitely on the list, and surely has made a greater impact and contributed a more quality-consist product than eminem has – MINUS all the personal attacks on people he doesn’t know.