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I would just like to add that the "Hello there!" lady in the nursing home window might be one of my favorite humorous moments in the history of Breaking Bad.
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October 10, 2011 on Breaking Bad S04E13: Season Finale
Walking arms outstretched into gunfire is the new walking away calmly while something explodes behind you.
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September 12, 2011 on Breaking Bad S04E09: That’s Way Harsh, Walt
http://www.npr.org/2011/06/04/136723316/dont-believe-facebook-you-only-have-150-friends Apparently, she's going to regret at least two of those pictures.
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June 7, 2011 on Facebook Friend Tattoo And Tattoos In General
Gentlemen Broncos- Absolutely devoid of laughs!
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May 17, 2011 on The Hunt For The Worst Movie Of All Time: Summer Series
I think the plot of The Hangover 2 should involve the guys running into Macaulay Culkin as a 29-year-old Kevin McCallister, who has apparently never moved away from home and continues to get separated from his family during vacations. This time, of course, Kevin has accidentally boarded the plane to Bangkok. He teams up with the guys to help them solve the mystery of the missing brother only to find that he has been captured by the notorious Bangkok Bandits, played by Joe Pesci and Daniel Stern. They must attempt to rescue the brother from the Bandits, as he is being held in an empty warehouse full of wacky, Rube Goldberg-ian traps that the bandits have set! Also, along the way, they run across a scary old person who ends up touching their hearts. (I imagine this was Mel Gibson's intended cameo.)
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April 1, 2011 on The Hangover: Part II Trailer, You Guys
An appearance from Dr Spaceman always raises the quality of an episode for me.
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December 2, 2010 on Win Signed 30 Rock Stuff, Hear Two New Songs From The Soundtrack
Does anyone know if there is specific reason that Decibel constantly snubs Southern Lord releases in general? Something I've been wondering about for a while now.
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December 2, 2010 on Decibel Top 40 Albums Of 2010