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covering Vic is a great thing, i always respected stipe for championing him.

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 +1Posted on Aug 15th, 2012 | re: Grandaddy, Caveman @ The Independent, San Francisco 8/12/12 (2 comments)

SO great that the (indisputably) much loved Grandaddy is together again, Jasons solo albums have been stellar, cant wait for Dept. of Disappearance and im really hoping for a new Grandaddy lp.

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ill buy those king missile cds… Muffin – Grifters rock!

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jeff tweedy seems like a really nice guy overall, but i heard he was a real prick when anything to do with farrar or tupelo came up. probably before his rehab thing.

i met j mascis in akron, shook his hand, thanked him for the influence. he was shy, didnt say much more than “thanks, means a lot” , then he and his drum tech (with crash cymbal in hand) took off downtown in a tiny hatchback. watt always seemed like a real laid back knowledgeable guy to talk to, id love to catch a bass lecture from him. As Well i concur on the minutemen, i guess fIREHOSE will have to do.

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great stuff… always in howe’s shadow though…

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excellent closer, great replacement, couldve kept both though. i already Love this song.