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i’d screw blonde weird al.

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he’s says To Be Kind is the real AOTW in the article, but it can’t be cuz it was in premature evaluation. read the article before criticizing it.

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I discovered weezer when I was 11. I just moved from the city (cleveland) to a small suburb in central new york in early july. I had no friends since I was shy and there was no school to meet people, so I spent the summer biking, walking, and exploring all the woods that surround my town. Since then the blue album, along with the first pavement album, have always been my definitive summer albums. Now I’m a highschool senior heading into my last summer in this town before going off to college far away, and I’ve been listening to the blue album a lot lately. it’s been a bittersweet nostalgic experience and i like how this album bookended my arrival and my departure in this suburban town. thanks weezer.

p.s. surf wax america is a fucking jam.

i’m not gonna defend wayne at all, he’s being a total dick. that being said, i’m gonna continue enjoying the flaming lips. i can dislike wayne coyne and love his band at the same time.

The flaming lips are one of my favorite bands and have been since jr high. thus, i have such a strong urge to be oblvious to all this, but i can’t because its super upsetting and because wayne makes it REALLY FUCKING HARD TO IGNORE HIM EVER. please wayne coyne, stop supporting this headdress shit, and do something other than court media attention no matter the cost. get a hobby.

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song: tender
tea: green tea

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can’t wait for the deluge of shitty “boxer” puns.

I have to go with the circle jerks pair. i love all the bands but that’s my favorite shoe design.

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Real Estate’s singer looks like a highschool aged John Hodgeman. Also the album’s awesome