I have to go with the circle jerks pair. i love all the bands but that’s my favorite shoe design.

 +2Posted on Mar 3rd | re: Premature Evaluation: Real Estate Atlas (49 comments)

Real Estate’s singer looks like a highschool aged John Hodgeman. Also the album’s awesome

 +4Posted on Feb 27th | re: Mixtape Of The Week: Lakutis Three Seashells (9 comments)

This is awesome and your description of Lakutis seems dead on. Him and Heems played a small show in my town. Me and a friend were able to talk for a minute with Heems, who was real gracious and cool, but the the whole time Laktutis was just doing pull ups in a doorway and just creepily staring at us. after the show he came out of the alley next to the venue where we were all out front, he stuck at his tongue, shut us a peace sign, and laughed, and then collapsed into the back seat of a car that we’re pretty sure wasn’t his and fell asleep. it was memorable.

 0Posted on Feb 25th | re: Coldplay - "Midnight" (95 comments)

also this looks like what an early animal collective video would be like if instead of intentionally weird and silly it was unintentionally funny and serious

 +3Posted on Feb 25th | re: Coldplay - "Midnight" (95 comments)

I don’t really care if this a rip off or bon iver or not since it sounds nice, but I think we should talk about chris martin ripping off thom yorke’s “i have no bones” dance moves

 0Posted on Feb 19th | re: Win The Beatles The U.S. Albums Box Set (522 comments)

The anthology version of “Revolution”

 +9Posted on Feb 11th | re: Album Of The Week: Sun Kil Moon Benji (52 comments)

I completely agree with this aotw to the point that i’m a very certain this may be my album of the year, even this early in the year. I grew up in a cleveland and spent most of my weekends at grandmother’s house in canton, ohio where i think kozalek grew up and his family lived around . having all those nostalgic images of the town where i’m pretty sure most of these songs are set and having a ton of family there really deepened the album. i don’t think i’ve been this happy and proud to have been from ohio in a very long time.

 +5Posted on Feb 5th | re: St. Vincent - "Prince Johnny" (16 comments)

Queen V > Queen B> Queen > Actual queens

 0Posted on Jan 31st | re: Burial's Identity Revealed (62 comments)

I was really hoping for a left field surprise, like Burial actually being Ringo Starr or something