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No one finds it strange that Black seems to believe that a lady bassist is needed to fill that role? I mean at this point it’s not a coincidence and a little weird.

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The problem here is one that’s come up for just about every ‘ism’ under the sun, and that is “who gets to decide what a vegan is?” Some literal minded people would point to a dictionary, but a dictionary doesn’t define words, speakers do – the dictionary serves to report those findings. The question has no answer, people will always expand and alter the definitions of political, religious or philosophical movements. Can a pacifist defend himself or his family with physical force? In truth, every meal is a separate action with separate moral choices. I commend her for making a tough decision almost every time she eats. It’s not easy. And I also get that DIIV guy thinks it’s unethical to ever consumer animal products. All labels aside, I imagine Grimes and DIIV would find way more in common in their ideals than not. And DIIV can condemn the action without having to bring in the slippery issue of who is a vegan. What they both aspire to is the same end, and perhaps they should both remember that.

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I can’t believe Gabe is leaving. I hope he continues to have success outside that site. Is really like imagining The Daily Show without Jon Stewart: Gabe is the voice and the ancient, haggard face of Videogum. We will miss you.

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Mike representing the bloc party deep cuts.

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No kidding, I never would have predicted this kind of versatility. I have become a huge fan all on the basis of his ”crimewave” remix.

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Does this mean CFCF is making another dance album? I love his minimal stuff but I’ve really been hoping for more dance music from him.

It’s about more than just not raping people; almost every man in history has not raped a single person. And yet sexism continues to exist because we allow a culture where misogyny thrives. Everyone who believes in equality should be combating that culture, not merely sitting complacent as it continues to oppress people.

I was actually hoping to open a dialog with the author but seems like that’s not going to happen. There is a degree of anger in the comments section, but the discussion for the most part has been rather one-sided. Anyway, I’m glad this song has opened up a discussion that normally isn’t brought up in music criticism.

There is debate in the feminist world about whether men can be feminists or are they feminist allies. I consider myself a feminist and I don’t think that using that term will ever make me feel what a woman feels being subverted or oppressed. It won’t wipe away my privilege, but I don’t think it is supposed to. To me it signifies that my aims are wrapped up in the same issues as many females who self-identify as feminist. Again, it doesn’t mean I am the same as them, but no two feminists are alike anyway.

I think you can look at that interview with Reza Aslan about being a Muslim discussing Christianity. Part of scholarship is discussing things that aren’t just about who you are. As a Jew, I don’t expect every article written about Jewish works and addressing Jewish themes to be written by Jews. But at the same time, nobody needs to explain to me that Jews are being denigrated. I think the author was upset by the tone of the song itself, not that a man tried to address it. Part of what confused me is the song itself; I’m not exactly sure who the audience is for that song.