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Caribou – Our Love

His guitar looks quite small against his body. Does his guitar look quite small against his body?

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Nintendo Blood is possibly the only thing that resembles anything from PFTY and it’s a corker. This album is the sound of Julian pushing the boat farther out than the Strokes would ever permit.

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If (like is mise) you happen to dwell on the Emerald Isle, download Hola Unblocker from the Chrome store so you can bypass those pesky country streaming restrictions.

To business! Really enjoying this so far. It’s not as dense and impenetrable I was expecting (and as Human Sadness suggested) but I am only two tracks in. Crunch Punch is fantastic, such gritty tones but there’s a watertight tune holding everything together.

‘And I guess I still like writing guitar solos and stuff, and JP [Bowersock], who helped me co-write or coached me through like all the Strokes solos on the first three records.’

Anyone know anything more about this? I know that Casablancas basically wrote all of the arrangements for the first couple of Strokes albums but I presumed that the solos came from either Nick or Albert.

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Not exactly, downvoting isn’t an attempt at suppression of opinions you disapprove of, it’s a way of just expressing disagreement.

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Really excited for this, Phrazes was criminally underrated and probably the 3rd/4th best album that Julian has had a hand in.

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Dang, can’t stream this from the Emerald Isle. Where’s the luck of the Irish when you want new Spoon?

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For those of you on the other side of the Atlantic: