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 +6Posted on Jul 28th | re: Premature Evaluation: Spoon They Want My Soul (100 comments)

Dang, can’t stream this from the Emerald Isle. Where’s the luck of the Irish when you want new Spoon?

 +1Posted on Jul 26th | re: Spoon - "Inside Out" (26 comments)

For those of you on the other side of the Atlantic:

 0Posted on Jul 24th | re: Lewis - "I Thought The World Of You" (1 comments)


That’s awesome, Lacey! How did he come to pick you out? It seems as though he selected you specificially from the crowd. He thought you were cute, right?

 +1Posted on Jul 22nd | re: Spoon - "Inside Out" (26 comments)

Awesome track; upon hearing the strings intro did anyone else feel an urge to break into ‘The Simpssssooooonnnnssss’?

 +6Posted on Jun 13th | re: Watch Paramore Play Good Morning America's Summer Concert Series (18 comments)

What is with all these people filming the performances on their smartphones?

Couldn’t they all convene beforehand, set up a Whatsapp group, pull straws to determine who is the sole person responsible for filming the performance and subsequently responsible for posting it to the group instead of this LUNACY? Christ, I feel like I’m taking crazy pills here.

Better not forget to bring my tumbler to the Comment Party in August, that snare on ‘New York Kiss’ is bringing some PUNCH and I want unlimited refills.

 +1Posted on May 13th | re: The 10 Best John Lennon Songs (78 comments)

Big fan of Beautiful Boy myself, that song and the accompanying video is like a sweet dream.

 0Posted on Apr 24th | re: Peter Buck Reveals How R.E.M. Once Sabotaged The Verve (13 comments)

I was at this. Think it was Oxegen ’09 in Ireland.