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By that logic, then “About A Girl” shouldn’t be on here either – even Krist thought it was a Smithereens song when he first heard it. “Smells Like Teen Spirit” may rip off “Debaser” but to say Nirvana “recorded” 10 better songs? And “Serve The Servants” is one of them? I don’t think so. “Aneurysm” belongs up there, or even “Dive” for that matter. (The rest on the list are good choices, I’ll give you that.)

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Starts out kind of Ride-ish. I dig it!

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KIND of surprised, I meant.

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King of suprised Cloud Nothings didn’t make this list. Great band!

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I don’t know how anyone missed this but Korn’s self-titled debut album had nothing to do with starting rap metal “in earnest” or at any point. It’s the nu metal trend that they started, at least commercially, as Coal Chamber (live) and a few other bands were doing guitar solo-less super-downtuned heavy nu metal stuff around that time too. (And for the record, I don’t think any one band can claim they started a rap metal trend, but Biohazard gets my vote for getting the first mainstream exposure, followed by RATM and Downset.)

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There may be Pavement songs with vocal harmonies that I’ve forgotten about that one isn’t it, sorry – it’s just Malkmus singing falsetto-style there (in singular notes).

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I’m with you for the most part on this. Guyville is truly incredible, especially for a debut album. But I don’t really agree with your comparison of Phair’s vocals with Gordon or Malkmus. She may sing sometimes like she just woke up, but unlike those two, she sings in tune/on key (on purpose); those two often sing out of tune (Gordon doing the more punk thing) on purpose. (And it works for everybody.) Plus, there are vocal harmonies on Guyville (ex. “Never Said”) you’d never find on Sonic Youth or Pavement records. That said, this and Whip Smart are my go-to Phair CDs (or cassette tapes – yes, I bought the latter on tape and still have it but should probably upgrade to vinyl for that, Guyville or both when I can afford to.).

The bass player (Ken Casey) is the leader of the band and co-lead singer, along with Al Barr.

I know that the Dropkicks have skinheads among their fans – they’ve even done shows with skinhead bands during their 17 or so years together. But they’ve never themselves become skinheads (glad you acknowledged that), and though I haven’t read that Casey interview you speak of, I have read one Al Barr did, so really, let’s be clear on what type of “skinhead” Casey is talking about in songs or interviews. All skinheads are anti-authoritarian, but the ones this band talks about are the (sometimes violent) punk/working class type, NOT the racist, neo-Nazi type. That’s likely what Casey means about skinheads being “misunderstood.” I got the impression from your article that you were basically saying that Casey beat up in a sense, one of his own (when you said he might be a skinhead too), and of course, you would agree now that would be wrong to say. Besides, I don’t think the likes of Bruce Springsteen would associate himself with a band of skinheads, even if they were the (somewhat) more tame type.

By the way, I forgot that song “Skinhead on the MBTA” is really more sympathetic to the non-racist type of skinheads I mentioned and is based on the Kingston Trio’s “Charlie on the MTA,” so I correct myself on that front.

Ken “might not” claim “skinhead” status? Tom, you do a lot of good posts here but obviously you don’t know that much about the Dropkicks. NONE of them are skinheads and in fact, if you knew their discography, would know one of their classics is (anti-skinhead tune) “Skinhead on the MBTA.”

Also, it’s a small thing but Ken Casey is co-lead singer, along with Al Barr.