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Anti-Masturbation ad from the 1950’s – LOL I can’t believe this s*** is real!!!

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April 25, 2012 on Anti-Masturbation Candidate Christine O’Donnell Wins Delaware Primary (That Is Your Candidate, Delaware)

This is what he does with all his extra “Schticky’s” – LOL

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April 4, 2012 on The ShamWow Guy Is The Schticky Guy Now

I think we need to make it a cage match and throw in the BLIND Prodigy… and he’s only 15! WTF

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April 4, 2012 on Piano Prodigy Vs. Hardcore Prodigy: WHICH KID IS THE BEST?

LOL, fake vomit sure destroys people! That is so sad.

Same thing happened to this lady: she totally got owned!

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April 3, 2012 on Frat Boys Cause Crash With Milk Vomit Prank

Justin is a terrible actor. It was bad enough that he played a tough guy in Alpha Dog: lol

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April 3, 2012 on SNL Just The Funny Parts: Justin Timberlake Is Very Talented