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can we stop calling her a rapper? "spoken journal" to beats...
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June 17, 2013 on Kitty – “Barbie Jeep”
I'm yer huckleberry..
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May 17, 2012 on Caption Contest: Dirty Projectors Swing Lo Magellan Cover
Aes Rock > danny brown
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April 10, 2012 on Aesop Rock – “Zero Dark Thirty”
VCR - The XX
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April 4, 2012 on Win A $400 Logitech UE Air Speaker
option ††† (Crosses)
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December 14, 2011 on Win A $500 DigiTech iPB-10 Programmable Pedalboard
Deftones S/T!!!!
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November 18, 2011 on Win A $200 Deftones Limited Edition Vinyl Box Set
WELCOME TO THE MACHINE! I love this album so much!
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November 8, 2011 on Win Pink Floyd’s Wish You Were Here Immersion Box Set
No one seems to notice all the BTNH influence on this tape....
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November 3, 2011 on Mixtape Of The Week: ASAP Rocky LIVELOVEA$AP
She released a 7" that's pretty sought after right now.
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October 27, 2011 on Lana Del Rey Speaks!
Satanic Panic in the Attic!
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October 5, 2011 on Win of Montreal’s Limited Edition Cassette Box Set
wow...i'm no fanatic for her but how many hypocrites are there? I garentee most of you naysayers listen to the indie (folk) music today thats been done way before and you're judging her for sounding like something else? theres nothing you can compare her to thats prevalent nowadays. take the weeknd for example...i love there (his) music. it reminds me of the rnb i grew up on. why shouldnt we say the same about his music? his "image" is sex drugs and rocknroll and genre has been around forever. stop hatin with irrelevant "reasons".
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September 15, 2011 on Lana Del Rey – “Blue Jeans” Video
*cough* Michael Jackson *cough*
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September 15, 2011 on Lana Del Rey – “Blue Jeans” Video
I've always loved, "mess your hair up"
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July 7, 2011 on Win $200 V Moda Headphones Courtesy Of White Denim
Beans' solo album, End it all!!!
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February 1, 2011 on Win A $500+ Sonos/Twonky Wireless Music System