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The party at the Ace last year was absolutely terrible. Plus the reggae dj they had at the main pool was about as annoying as any I’ve ever heard, repeating the same 3 statements over and over all day long.

“Palm Springs…. Warm and easy… In the meantime”

Hey Einstein, before calling everyone an idiot, you should realize that all wireless kits still require being plugged into the instrument. While there are some mods, chances are that Flea’s bass isn’t using one. Plus it’s the Super Bowl, where they don’t have time to sound check or fix things live.

Put down your Rock Band guitar and pick up a real instrument.

There probably isn’t a large enough cavity in the back of that style of bass to insert the thing.

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I’m convinced that only the young and immature find this kind of stuff remotely humorous. Running a string of stupid sex terma, body part names, and curse words together isn’t creative or that funny. It sounds like a ‘my first app’ for ‘learn to program’.