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 +1Posted on Nov 25th | re: Album Of The Week: Primordial Where Greater Men Have Fallen (15 comments)

This album is absolutely fantastic. So glad to see some metal make its way here… Not to mention see you write about it on the same day that you guys post Black Market. I’m a kid in a really fucking scary candy store.

Tom DeLonge is Rubber Johnny.

 +1Posted on Nov 12th | re: Jawbreaker - "Boxcar" Video (4 comments)

Oh man, I remember getting confused by there name for 5 seconds. Such a good band, though.

 0Posted on Nov 12th | re: Jawbreaker - "Boxcar" Video (4 comments)

Adam Pfahler runs their social media. He’s made several posts that indicate this such as his involvement in the band California and his running of Blackball Records.

But what does Taylor Swift think?

 +9Posted on Nov 6th | re: Taylor Swift Discusses Spotify Stance, Swiftamine Sketch (70 comments)

Surely she understands that she’s the exception not the rule?

 +2Posted on Nov 4th | re: Stream Usnea Random Cosmic Violence (Stereogum Premiere) (3 comments)

Glad to see you covering this band. I’m stoked to get to listen to this early. And super happy that they actually have a label willing to do 2xLP rather than only being able to put out half of their last album on LP.

 -1Posted on Nov 4th | re: Taylor Swift Pulls Her Music From Spotify (79 comments)

Fans are just consumers who have invested more. Nothing is “killing” the industry. The industry is just changed. I think the best example of the music industry being “not dead” is that there are more concerts to go to and more bands to see than ever before.

If you want to be in a band that makes a living off of music, you have to recognize that album sales make up very little of what you’re going to earn. Instead, you make a large portion of your money by playing shows. How do people know if they want to go to your show? Well they have to be able to listen to your music. Now, Stereogum listed more than 30+ albums of note that were released this week. If I’m in a band, I want to make sure that my music is available in a convenient manner because I already know for sure that at least 90% of those other albums are available, as well. And yeah, the sad reality is that most bands will never even be lucky enough to go on tour and actually make a living of it, but most start up companies fail, too. So what’s the difference? This is true for 99.99% of bands out there. Now, Taylor Swift is one of the 0.01%. She can do whatever she wants because she has enough fans who are so deeply invested in her product that they’ll pay for it without hearing it first. Her fans will pay for tickets to the game without knowing the score.

But for the rest of the pack, why should I pay to invest in an unknown commodity? If I can listen first and then decide later, then I’m going to do that. The bottom line is that above all else, music is just a business. You and I are the consumer and we can take advantage of the current market. If you’re running that business, you need to adapt with the market. And every once in a while, you’ll find something that can transcend the market.

 +5Posted on Nov 3rd | re: Taylor Swift Pulls Her Music From Spotify (79 comments)

Taylor Swift still doesn’t seem to understand that there’s no such thing as scarcity in music anymore thanks to the internet. While she can get away with this because of how big her brand is, she doesn’t understand that smaller artists can’t. People have infinite access to everything, so why would they pay more for something they don’t have access to? Not many people are going to pony up $14 for something they have no idea how good it would be. This is where Spotify makes it really great for the consumer. Now that I can listen to random small band, I have a better chance of actually buying their album.

 0Posted on Nov 3rd | re: Taylor Swift Pulls Her Music From Spotify (79 comments)

Just got mine last Thursday! So worth it.