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His flow on the second verse is so on point.

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Damn. I was on-the-fence about this album after hearing him discuss it durring an interview regarding Sweet Valley, but now this fuckin’ hooky, awesome thing just happened I’m super pumped for this record!

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The pure musicianship Davis possessed gave him immense personal allowances. The jazz community to which Davis belonged is far different from the pop-radio, Chris Brown loving populous. The situation with Lennon happened after the man had become almost a nontarnishable icon, so I don’t think people would’ve ever cast his name out into the cold. Also, The older generation of Beatles listeners aren’t all aware of the Cynthia spousal abuse situation, primarily because it didn’t get much media play until her book John was released in 2005.

I’m pretty abashed at the fact that Chris Brown’s stardom is still so solidly intact. Firstly, because he’s gone through none of the necessary societal mea culpas; right after the shit with Rhianna went down he threw a chair through a window in the Good Morning America green-room. Dude hasn’t done shit to prove he’s changed.

The physical act of beating a woman is the same in all three cases, but the way society sees things is quite different usually. There was nothing murky, or he-said she-said about the Rhianna thing. That’s whats surprising about it. If he played horns like Miles Davis, or was anywhere near as interesting and legendary as Lennon I’d understand the current size of his fan base, however, he’s a dude who robotizes his voice more often than not and plays bubble-gum pop. I don’t think he deserves the comparison you’re making. No one’s arguing whether his actions were different than other musicians who’ve abused women.

No need for strapping in, or that ellipsis.

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For someone named after a sick Howard Hawks film you sure make some hare-brained comparisons.

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This track is great, sounds like they found a few new synths to fuck around with since 7am. I like the production on the beat as well, pretty on-point.

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What are you talking about?

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haha, why’d you throw the C word in there?

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Duck Sauce bettter fuckin’ win. The “Big Bad Wolf” video made me eject lime pepino Gatorade outta my nose, which was a super unpleasant rarity.

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At least two first names guy is rockin’ the deepest of V’s. No one can give him shit for being noncommittal. I think the focus of this blog is good music, and frank ocean unequivocally fits that category. Last year before MBDTF came out Yeezee was all over stereogum, and it was similarly deserved hype. I think posting the VMA nominees is in keeping with this blogs general aesthetic. The NME and Rolling Stone years end lists are always posted here as well, and I kinda like that; it’s good to be made aware of what’s happening with artists that are part of multiple social spheres and stuff.

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This is catchy as fuck! “Gotham” was pretty hard for me to get into, and “I thought “Honeycomb” sounded pretty fuckin goofy, but this gives me all sorts of hope.