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An Hungrier?


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Perfume genius, Too Bright

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Needing/Getting is great indeed. If a band can record a song like that, they must have a great album in them somewhere.

I would put this song in the inoffensive category, rather than the actively bad one. Actively bad songs I remember. I’ve forgotten the melody of this one already.

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I think the issue here was more about this part of your statement: “nobody really uses this term to describe gay/bi/lesbian people anymore,” because it implies an obliviousness to reality akin to saying, “It’s not the 1950s, nobody uses the N-word anymore.” People living in the real world know that’s simply not true.

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I just said no. A lot.

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I’m trying, Stereogum, I really am. But in spite of your curious, constant cheerleading for this band, they still trigger my gag reflex every single time.

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I was there, the bobble head band popped up in the middle of the arena near the sound tent and sang an odd version of When You Were Mine that wasn’t Prince but that seemed previously recorded? Then the rest of the band came back to the main stage and yelled “stop playing” and began Controversy. It was an odd encore break, but fun.

I can’t imagine Prince is going to be happy about it yet. I’m sure there will be some cease and desist stuff happening. That dude is an ass when it comes to people appropriating his music, even if it’s with fondness.

Cherub Rock

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How is that an example of any of your previous comments? I don’t see any relevance between that over-analytical question and your previous trolling. And even if it were relevant, are you seriously going to try to make people justify every noise or blip in a song before you allow them to like it?

The main points of your original posts were to diminish others – those silly bandwagon-jumping hipsters and Jonanna-Newsom-loving Lilith Fair goers. Which is pointless and lame.

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But I’m a tad biased because I think this new Fiona Apple record is pretty much the awesomest thing I’ve heard in months.