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You’re cheating yourself… Take Offs and Execution are two of the best indie albums out there. The Voyager sounds great after just one listen but I prefer her cute (Rilo Kiley) voice to her grown-up sexy (solo) voice, personally.

So I used to be a designer for the parent company of Stereogum and had a hand in designing this here site and can’t tell you how stoked I was to read this first interview on a blog I consider to be one of “ours”. I feel weirdly proud in a way, but mostly just so excited to have read such a well executed interview about one of my favorite bands. The chemistry between Nina and Louise is palpable. It’s what made Veruca Salt explode in the 90′s, it’s what’s kept weirdos like me hanging on all this time, and it’s what will sell out every club and record store in 2014. See you guys at the Roxy.

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Viva Sandy Vu!!!

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I love her but this is like The Walking Dead on acid.

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YESSSSS to the jumpsuit AND the robot voice.

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Also how is she still SO hot??

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Sooo stoked.

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Pulp. Mazzy Star.

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One of the best thing my ears have heard in a long, long time.