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Insane Clown Posse, while rapping, doesn’t really come across as rap. This Black Milk collab on the other hand…Hip Hop.

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The article should be called “Conor Oberst’s publicist responds to anonymous rape allegations”.

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This list might’ve just been cut/copied from another music blog. It lacks originality and really, Yeezus, best album of the year?

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It’d be better if she just ate consciously and didn’t label herself. I agree with her ideals about food, but it’s definitely not veganism.

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It’s a pretty awful cover, but I’ve seen worse.

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I would’ve had Hail, Hail & Tremor Christ in there somewhere. I’m glad nothing from Ten is on here. Not their best effort.

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Here’s a Spotify Playlist I put together for easy access.

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Summer Set by The Killing Fields

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If you’d rather listen to a Spotify playlist, instead of listening to them one at a time, I made a playlist here: