+2Posted on Dec 9th, 2014 | re: Billy Corgan Disses Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters On Howard Stern (56 comments)

This guy is messed up. You can tell he’s overly obsessed with Kurt Cobain. Kurt is all this guy talks about anymore. What does he do? He starts dating Kurt Cobain’s wife. Creepy! I don’t get the Pearl Jam hate. They seem like really nice down to earth guys that like to make music. It doesn’t sound like he and Eddie were actually friends. Over the last 20 years Smashing Pumpkins is less successful the Pearl Jam, has a smaller fan base, can’t sell out arenas, and isn’t an actual band any more. Maybe Billy Corgan just isn’t as talented as he thinks he is. He sounds like one of those people that were overly praised by their mom, first child or single child.

 0Posted on Oct 7th, 2013 | re: Stream Pearl Jam Lightning Bolt (7 comments)

Am I the only one that’s felling disappointed with this release? There’s a bunch of really cool stuff but a few of the songs really bring it down. Let The Records Play? What’s that all about? Why in the heck did they put Sleeping By Myself on this album? That should have been left on the beautiful Ukelele songs. My Father’s Son, Pendulum, and Infallible were absolutely amazing and a really cool new sound for PJ.

 +5Posted on Jul 17th, 2012 | re: Pearl Jam Albums From Worst To Best (124 comments)

Not sure how Yield, No Code, and Binaural were ranked so dang low on your list. I thought it was a fact that Riot Act was their worst album. Here’s my list

1. Vitalogy
2. No Code
3. Yield
4. VS
5. Ten
6. Binaural
7. Back Spacer
8. Pearl Jam
9. Riot Act

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Now I really feel old. Growing up in Seattle, I listened to Breath and State and Love and Trust on repeat throughout my freshman year in high school. A really good couple of years for music.

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Phrazes For The Young was a great album. Where is this overrated comment coming from?

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Wes C. Addle(eddie V.) is a way better alter ego name than Bernard Shakey. Sweet video!