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shouts out to bethany for helping me snag that editor's pic. thanks scott
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March 3, 2012 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
Hope she does a winter line as well. Might be too early to say, but I think she really might be capable of designing the best coats.
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March 1, 2012 on Best Coast Designs Clothing For Urban Outfitters
man that skit was better than it had any right to be.
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February 19, 2012 on Watch Sleigh Bells Perform — And Justin Timberlake Impersonate Bon Iver — On SNL
I think it's a pretty decent follow up to Treats, I'm actually digging this a lot. I dunno, I wasn’t really expecting anything besides “more Sleigh Bells” and it doesn’t disappoint in that aspect; it even ended up giving me just a tiny bit more. The band still writes really great noisy pop but they do manage to change things up a bit here. In fact, many of my favorite tracks tend to forego the abrasive noise angle and end up sounding more like dream pop than anything else. Hell, songs like "End of the Line", "Road to Hell" and "You Lost Me" sound like the band's been listening to My Bloody Valentine, and they're all the better for it. Sleigh Bells aren't exactly diving headfirst into new territory here, but they're not letting their sound stand still either, which is nice. Hopefully their next LP is even more adventurous; while enjoyable, I dunno if I could sit through a whole 'nother album of tracks like "Demons" and "Crush".
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February 15, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: Sleigh Bells Reign Of Terror
When it comes to oversexed genre-fetishists I'll take Barnes' Georgie Fruit over Grant's Lana Del Rey any day
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January 25, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: Lana Del Rey Born To Die
I thought the album was pretty decent but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't really excited that you guys are tearing Born to Die limb from limb.
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January 25, 2012 on Premature Evaluation: Lana Del Rey Born To Die
Where Heems at on that male list
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December 20, 2011 on The Gummy Awards: Your Top 20 Indie Rock Crushes Of 2011
Wouldn't a Pitchfork drone STILL hate Lulu more? It has a lower score after all....................... I've been saying Donald Glover should quit music / life since I am Just a Rapper, and he's only gotten worse.
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December 20, 2011 on Entertainment Weekly’s 5 Worst Albums Of 2011
I don't care what anyone says, the worst album of the year is still that Childish Gambino mess.
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December 20, 2011 on Entertainment Weekly’s 5 Worst Albums Of 2011
Really surprised to see Girls not make the list, I thought RS would eat that shit up. Granted, Father Son Holy Ghost is no TURTLENECK AND CHAIN but......................................
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December 7, 2011 on Rolling Stone’s 50 Best Albums Of 2011
Dark Side of the Moon
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October 5, 2011 on Win Pink Floyd’s Entire Catalog & A Signed Poster
Satanic Panic in the Attic!
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October 3, 2011 on Win of Montreal’s Limited Edition Cassette Box Set