+4Posted on Jun 14th, 2013 | re: Kanye West Yeezus Comment Party (320 comments)

Reminds me a bit of Death Grips. Definitely in my top 10 for the year thus far.

Kurt Vile.

 +4Posted on Dec 21st, 2011 | re: Axl Mulls GN'R Rock Hall Reunion (4 comments)

I don’t care about the band members. I would just want to see him perform all bloated and in that yellow rain slicker again.

 0Posted on Dec 13th, 2011 | re: Win T-Shirts From Insound's Delicious Design League Project (82 comments)

Best Coast.

 0Posted on Dec 12th, 2011 | re: Preview Amnesty's Mammoth 75-Song Bob Dylan Tribute Chimes Of Freedom (4 comments)

The Ke$ha version is just boring.

 0Posted on Dec 12th, 2011 | re: The Gummy Awards: Your Top 10 Tracks Of 2011 (107 comments)

I had completely forgotten about Tyler, The Creator until I saw this.

 +1Posted on Nov 29th, 2011 | re: Q's 50 Best Albums Of 2011 (88 comments)

Am I the only one who liked the TV on the Radio album?

 0Posted on Nov 23rd, 2011 | re: The 2011 Gummy Awards: Vote Now! (110 comments)

Best video: Fight for Your Right Revisited.
No doubt about it.