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You know it because it’s true….

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May I Sing With Me was definitely the first Yo La Tengo with James McNew on board as a full time member, and I’d be willing to debate that IT was the album where the Yo La Tengo we know and love truly got their wings. Every album of theirs has at least a couple of killer songs, and Fakebook is fantastic all the way through……But without a doubt, Painful changed everything. Such an amazing album.

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Was wondering the same….Tom just taking a random dig, or did a college radio station in his hometown have a fixation with XTC on their playlists? The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead had long since come and gone as semi successful single in the US. There were a hell ton of other bands / songs in rotation at most college stations that year bearing Albini’s production stamp. Having said that, Rid Of Me certainly deserves all the praise. Great album…….but so is almost everything XTC did.

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What is Aaron Lariviere’s obsession with excrement? Way too many uses of it in this piece. Great writing otherwise.

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You are not alone…….Diamond Dogs is a pretty weak record. It’s a mess really. Rebel Rebel is an amazing song, but the only amazing song on the record. The sound of treading water. It’s a very “uncertain” album……….lost.

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REVOLVER. Easily one of the most important rock records of all time…and one of my favorites.

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I wasn’t offering excuses, just my opinion or perspective on why these lists look so fucked up and laughable compared to what my own list would be. I don’t happen to agree with this one much at all myself, but I don’t think it was made for the purpose of pissing anyone off. I’ve slept fine since it was published. Funny enough, between your down vote and need to call me out on my opinion on these lists, I’m pretty sure our lists would come to about the same conclusion based on what you’ve said. Oh well……….

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I think the lists show the reviewer’s entry point into the band more than anything. This list is clearly Hüsker Dü as introduced by Sugar or late Bob Mould more than anything to me.

Same goes for about every other list I’ve seen here. If you bought Slanted and Enchanted when it was released, no way in hell would it be number three on your list, and the Mats list was just plain all over the place, equal to the Bends example you gave or in my opinion, the New Day Rising ranking here. I think the writers are giving their all, they are just coming up with completely different takes than I would.

Again, it becomes glaringly obvious what their entry point into these bands were. And in the end, if someone is ranking a band’s discography it’s bound to offend someone else’s take.

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….and the world could hear a pin drop.