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This news is very good news.

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I have never been so happy to have been born during the Carter administration.

Somebody get that mofo on the phone.

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Okay, I guess it did work!

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I cannot seem to get the post picture function to work, so I’ll have to do this the clunky, but, I assure you, completely SFW, way.

I think we can all agree that we must always respect

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I’ve known two people who have committed suicide, one of them was a very close and very dear friend whose death makes me sad every time that I think of it.

Suicide isn’t funny. There is no “funny thing about suicide,” and I’m really disappointed to see that, ten comments into what I do think is probably the best online music commentariat, no one else has pointed this out.

That’s a horribly inconsiderate and inhumane lede into an article about an important record that should be commemorated.

I expect better from this site.

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“If you’ve never sung along to “Supernova” while locking eyes with a significant other, I feel sorry for you and your sad-ass love life.”

Christ, how does inane stuff like this get through the editing stages?

My love life is just fine, thanks. And I think my wife appreciates the fact that Liz Phair isn’t a part of it.

“When someone asks you if you’re a god, you say ‘Yes!’”

-Winston Zeddmore

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Hum were great. You will like them.

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My thoughts on this article are mostly disconnected and anecdotal, so I apologize if I don’t offer a linear response.

It seems to me that Amazon has to be in this conversation. I worked at UPS for a long time, before Amazon had a contract with UPS and while they had (and still have) a contract with UPS. Amazon is *huge* business for that company. Believe me, the amount of Amazon packages that move through UPS hubs at Christmas time is nothing short of amazing.

Now, it’s my understanding–anecdotally–that Amazon, in the myriad ways that it has contracted its services to smaller sellers, also ships with FedEx and the USPS. I don’t know the details of those contracts, but I do know that I’ve ordered some music and some DVDs–_Mad Men_, in particular–that are merely “fulfilled by Amazon.” Those packages almost always come to me via the USPS.

I’ve noticed that there are a whole lot of indie labels out there that do not sell on Amazon (or who do not sell on Amazon with regularity). Captured Tracks comes to mind. A few years back, I bought Wild Nothing’s _Gemini_ on Amazon, but then I had to purchase the _Golden Haze_ EP, as well as some Beach Fossils records and the Medicine remasters directly from the label because they weren’t available on Amazon (though they seem to be now). That’s fine with me. No problem.

*However*, shouldn’t we be asking what kind of picture we get when we piece all of these parts together? Could contracting with Amazon be a cheaper and more efficient option than standard mail order?

Perhaps the answer is just a blatant, “no.” That would be fine. It just seems like we should be talking about that question.

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I was really disappointed with _Waiting for the Sirens’ Call_, the record. However, I’ll go to bat for “Waiting for the Sirens’ Call,” the song, until my dying day. Sublimely heartbreaking it is, and I think it could have made this list.