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No Pinata?! That cut a nigga deep

 +108Posted on Jun 16th, 2014 | re: Let's Shortlist The Song Of The Summer 2014 (286 comments)

Seasons (Waiting on You) – Future Islands

 +16Posted on Feb 7th, 2014 | re: NME's 500 Greatest Songs Of All Time (103 comments)

If NME really wanted to spark some controversy with this stupid list they should of just had Prince write 92 pages in crayon on why Batdance is the greatest song of all time.

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I kinda like Kitty and I am kinda ashamed of it. I couldn’t really tell you why exactly, I thought at first it was because I thought she was cute. The I kept listening to her stuff and now here I am months later eagerly awaiting a full album. I think I just like the idea of her I guess. She is small white chick rapping about small white girl problems in the way you would imagine a small white chick doing it. I respect Kitty I guess. Im working on being cool again and putting all this Kitty love behind me, but the road to recovery is long.

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I still don’t believe it. Are we sure the new MBV album isn’t just a 403 error? Maybe Shield’s just wants the whole world to sit and wait on that 403 error and then when we are all distracted he will hunt us down one by one until their will be no one left to ask for a new MBV album. And then when all is quiet, he can stop stop gazing at his shoes and start gazing at the world he now rules.

Das Racist!

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Smith Westerns

 0Posted on Nov 3rd, 2011 | re: Win Beach Boys' The Smile Sessions Box Set (304 comments)

Pet Sounds

 0Posted on Nov 18th, 2010 | re: Win A $400 Matt And Kim/Burton Prize Pack (297 comments)

Silver Tiles I hope I win just to see them do that song live :)