it was off the cuff, then the press got wind of it, so he apparently decided to feed their salivating desires and give them the exact sort of click bait they’ve been waiting for.

If Stereogum objects to the behavior, why publicize it so heavily? What was once said in front of a small audience in a specific context, keeps being delivered to a much wider and wider audience with less and less context.

Koz may have said some dickish things, but This is not a Michael Richards type of moment. People need to stop treating it like it is.

Exactly. In search of their own “Ray Rice” level story, the music media has blown this whole story way out of proportion. I assume this is why War On Drugs are just staying out of it completely. Because they know it’s ridiculous. Click bait rules the internet.

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I’ve been a fan of Fiona since Tidal, and Idler Wheel is my personal favorite of her discography. I think it’s also her most meticulously crafted record, both lyrically and musically.

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Ken McCandless wrote a rather in depth feature about dark music a month ago on that you might find worth checking out.

Cultus Sabbati and Demdike Stare are both really creative bands you could classify as “dark”
And Extra Life is really interesting, especially compared to these bands, many of which sound like Joy Division wannabes