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No. See, Beyonce's video fits the same beauty standards as Taylor's video - 7/11 is a vid filled with hot girls dancing. Nicki's is about the glorification of large black bodies that many people find gross or disgusting. I'm sure Megan Trainor or whoever the fuck wrote that "all about that bass" song is celebrated while people look at "Anaconda" and call it the "stupid butt song" that's what Nicki was talking about, unless you're Beyonce, it's hard out here for black female artists.
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July 23, 2015 on Taylor Swift Apologizes To Nicki Minaj For VMAs Spat
They invited Ryan Gosling, but he just said "No".
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February 28, 2012 on Here Are Some Afternoon Links!
Oh guys, we all messed up because we forgot to vote for Heems from Das Racist. We'll get 'em next year.
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December 20, 2011 on The Gummy Awards: Your Top 20 Indie Rock Crushes Of 2011
well, he's a theater major and it was for a history class (according to Gawker and comments below). does this make me a chethead or something now?
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December 5, 2011 on Anybody Have Theater Class Notes For Chet Haze’s Final Paper?
I just said this on facebook and no one knew what Tough Crowd was. It's a shame, that show introduced me to comedians when I was in middle school. Anybody know how Keith Robinson is doing?
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November 29, 2011 on Heaven Just Got A Little More Patrice O’Neal
bread crumbs and onions? def not black people macaroni and cheese.
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November 28, 2011 on Is Mac And Cheese A Black Thing?
poor black people mac and cheese is made with velveeta and shells instead of noodles. throw in cut up hot dogs if you'd like. but yeah, there is black people mac and cheese and white people mac and cheese. i only learned this after my white boyfriend freaked out at my family's christmas dinner over our crazy delicious mac&cheese.
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November 28, 2011 on Is Mac And Cheese A Black Thing?
Can we all just agree that Gabe's comments on Community were the lowest rated of the week? Even though they were on twitter? I'd be willing to reconcile then.
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November 15, 2011 on Community’s Mid-Season Hold OR: Occupy Wall Street Evacuated
I know, I really have to re-evaluate our relationship now.
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November 15, 2011 on Community’s Mid-Season Hold OR: Occupy Wall Street Evacuated
but he left a note saying he got bit before he hung himself. so he died an infected human, than came back a zombie after the hanging. also, zombies move slowly, so hopefully he would've seen a pack of zombies coming after writing his note and would've thought "hm, hanging myself is a slow death, these oncoming walkers could eat my legs! this is a horrible idea!" but then again, this show makes no sense.
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October 31, 2011 on The Walking Dead S02E03: The One Where Shane Gets A Haircut
It's different in the show than in the comic. They established at the CDC that you had to be bitten before dying in order to come back as a zombie. I prefer the rules of the comic book. It would've made that cemetery scene way more fun.
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October 17, 2011 on The Walking Dead S02E01: One Child Left Behind
I thought it would've been offensive without Jason Sudeikis' character recognizing the offensiveness. He nailed his part so hard that it was hilarious. But then I was like "they don't see how the Manuel Ortiz skits are basically white actors in brownface? Isn't that offensive without recognizing how it's offensive at all?" but ya know, hahaha hispanics. they love to dance with their funny accents and weird hair!
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October 17, 2011 on Saturday Night Live: Anna Faris And Drake
but...that Hot Chicks of Occupy Wall Street video is incredibly beautiful and poignant. I am not joking. It's a video about the movement that uses a sensationalist title to get viewers. Or did we all know that and you were being sarcastic?
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October 16, 2011 on Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments
Haha, i have my own mad men dance that goes with my mad men made-up lyrics. best opening title sequence ever.
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September 13, 2011 on The 10 Best TV Opening Title Sequences
I'm pretty much going to consider being quoted by Gabe in an Editor's note as getting Editor's Choice. WOO!
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July 29, 2011 on Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments
GOD, YES, diet coke for breakfast is disgusting. I'm in a constant battle with my roommate to clean up her diet coke cans that she leaves in the bathroom while she does her hair in the morning. why are you drinking pop in the bathroom? how can you do your hair and drink diet coke (she uses a flatiron)? why are you drinking this at 7am? anyways, louis ck was great. wasn't last night louie also amazing?
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July 29, 2011 on The Videogum “Louis C.K. Promise”: The Late Show With David Letterman
So...if you think talking about the clothes the guys from the hunger games is pointless and there are larger issues in the world...why make a post about it at all? i mean unless a large number of people were emailing videogum with hunger game demands why do this if you think it's not something worth focusing on? Or why draw attention to the fact that it's a pointless thing to focus on with this picture (which is way overused) and not just post a short "hunger game guys wear clothes. click here"? SO MANY QUESTIONS, GABE! at this point, I would like an image of these children within this image to ironically comment on the fact that their plight is being exploited to deride the importance of COSTUMES in a movie.
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July 28, 2011 on First Look At The Men Of The Hunger Games
Hm, yes...this why all of the movies nominated for best picture over the past few years have all been remakes and no one takes the time to appreciate any original modern films. yes, what you describe is bad, but i think we're a long way from that point....a very long way. jeez, i've read videogum since it started and i almost never comment yet your writing off of bell biv devoe's music as mere nostalgic enjoyment sent me over the edge. THE EDGE I SAY. also, source code sucked. let it be buried. (it is terrifying me to leave this comment because i know That One is kind of a bigwig around here and I am a mere facebook user who refused to start an account when they made that switch so long ago)
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July 28, 2011 on An Open Letter To The Disease Of Nostalgia
me watching the "in time" trailer: bored, bored, bored, "OMG PETE CAMPBELL! I WILL SEE THIS MOVIE FOREVER!", wait...what's happening?
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July 22, 2011 on This Week In Movie Trailers, You Guys
hey...these guys are my friends...and they're a really cool band called dr manhattan. i only ask because, do you know them? because then are you from northern illinois? i've met like 3 rural illinoisans who read videogum.
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March 26, 2011 on Monsters’ Ball: The Week’s Best Comments
reading this will only make you angrier: the cops who "investigated" were fired after what happened became public, they were then rehired, given back pay, and named "cops of the year" for their fight to get their jobs back.
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February 16, 2011 on T.M.I., Jeffrey Dahmer…
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December 17, 2010 on An Open Letter To The Clay Duke Surveillance Tape
Tracy Jordan. Why? "I believe that the moon does not exist. I believe that vampires are the world's greatest golfers but their curse is they never get a chance to prove it. I believe that there are 31 letters in the white alphabet. Wait... what was the question?"
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November 18, 2010 on Win Signed 30 Rock Stuff, Hear Two New Songs From The Soundtrack
I think it's from The L Word, it looks like Jenny.
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November 11, 2010 on NSFW: A Porno Based On Kanye West And Taylor Swift
They never really specify whether Peggy's family is taking care of the baby or if it was given away. They say that Peggy was deemed unfit to be a mother and there's all those lingering shots between her and the youngest baby in the household, so who knows? Either scenario could be right, except for the garbage one, that is not. This review feels like Gabe hates Mad Men, which makes me sad. Although, I guess that's why Lindsey used to review it.
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August 16, 2010 on Mad Men S04E04: Did You Get Pears?