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I feel like this is a real life “inside llewyn davis” situation.

I can’t imagine what its like putting your soul into playing music for people, and the embarrassment and resentment you feel when getting overplayed by another band. I’d pissed too.

I didn’t know who RHP or Mark Kozelek was before this, so this pr/exposure thing worked. I’m glad it did, hes made some good albums.

That being said, I couldn’t finish this troll song when he kept laughing.

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I really loved “Volcano” off Modern Guilty. I loved that whole album.

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I just feel like Haze is just using Banks to get attention. Before this, she was nobody to me. Her first diss track was her laughing and quoting twitter and shit, thats a better rapper? Immature and stupid.

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I guess you guys aren’t follow the european bank crisis

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donnytilla, I wish you were funny. You always suck.

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I like her lip sunglasses. Interscope’s marketing PR dept = A+

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Oh yeah? Never heard of Jai Paul. Probably because they’re not a hot chick being pushed in everybodys face by interscope.

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Not even hating, I think shes kinda cute and I listened to a song and thought it was ok, but theres definitely a PR agenda with her just blowing up on here and everywhere else. I’m curious what they payout.