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I thought it was pretty obvious which guitar parts Buckingham played on Hesitation Marks. He has a pretty distinct playing style.

 0Posted on Apr 17th, 2013 | re: Hives Ordered To Pay Cardigans $3MM (20 comments)

how did either of these bands get that kind of cash?

 +2Posted on Feb 17th, 2013 | re: The Week In Music Writing: 2/10/13 - 2/16/13 (6 comments)

The Smiths ARE my rock gods.

 +7Posted on Dec 3rd, 2012 | re: Uncut's 75 Best Albums Of 2012 (91 comments)

Why would you expect every list to have some sort of rap on it? I mean I don’t listen to rap. If I were to make a list, it wouldn’t have any rap albums on it. Adding some artifically in order to be inclusive of all genres just doesn’t make any sense.

Oh, and this list has PiL on it so that makes it OK in my book

 0Posted on Jul 31st, 2012 | re: Win Blur 21: The Box (18CD/3DVD Set) (372 comments)

There’s no other way

I like it! But then again, it is my favorite Stones song and the Dinowalrus album was decent so that shouldn’t be much of a surprise

 +1Posted on Apr 10th, 2012 | re: Win A $400 Logitech UE Air Speaker (352 comments)

Technology is Gay by Anal Cunt

 0Posted on Mar 9th, 2012 | re: Win A DigiTech iStomp Stompbox (170 comments)

Delay is fun, but it almost feels like cheating