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Surprised you guys didn't link to that insane DJ Snake video.
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May 2, 2014 on The Week In Pop: Leave Lily Allen Alone
I'm relieved you acknowledge that Feel It Break was underserved. I couldn't get how it missed a BNM nod. Definitely one of my favorite albums that year. Very excited for Olympia!
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June 19, 2013 on Album Of The Week: Austra Olympia
Nah, it was great. Reminded me of the first time I saw the "Bitter Sweet Symphony" video.
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April 4, 2013 on Deerhunter – “Monomania” & Fallon Performance
Sounds good. Hope they continue down this route and pick up where Electrelane left off.
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February 6, 2013 on TEEN – “Ambient”
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February 3, 2013 on Download My Bloody Valentine m b v
During one of his performances, he was scanning the crowd and when he got to me I realized he wasn't just looking at everyone's faces but looking directly into their eyes. The expression on his face was hateful and penetrating. It was terrifying. I would definitely see him again.
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February 1, 2013 on Q&A: Autre Ne Veut On Psychoanalysis, Re-imagining R&B, And His New Album, Anxiety
The artist, Beomsik Shimbe Shim, is Korean.
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January 16, 2013 on Yeah Yeah Yeahs Mosquito Details
Was John Paul Pitts' former girlfriend on ANTM or are you thinking of Elyse Sewell who was ANTM and former girlfriend of Marty Crandall of The Shins?
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January 11, 2013 on Coachella 2013 Lineup Not Revealed
Metz killed every single time, even for the shows when you could tell they were over CMJ. Doldrums is great but your experience of that Public Assembly show was very different from mine. It was my least favorite set of the week. Also, Roomrunner was excellent and deserves mentioning.
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October 23, 2012 on Stereogum’s Top 10 Sets Of CMJ 2012
I'm completely overwhelmed. Too much of what I want to see is happening simultaneously and this doesn't even go until all the great unofficial shows that are happening.
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October 16, 2012 on The Stereogum Guide To CMJ 2012
"Melody", "L'hotel particulier" and "Cargo Culte" share a similar melody that reoccurs throughout Histoire de Melody Nelson, but it seems appropriate to compare "Paper Tiger" to the middle track since it has the most brooding, ambiguous mood and the strings don't swell intensely as they do in "Cargo Culte".
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September 26, 2012 on Sea Change Turns 10
I had a friend who was arrested in Texas not too long ago on a similar charge. It seems that most of the fights in Texas lady jail involved bashing each other with lunch trays.
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September 21, 2012 on Fiona Apple Arrested For Drug Possession
Is this the first proper full-length AnCo release to not get p4k's BNM spot? Here Comes The Indian isn't noted as getting BNM but I seem to remember that album getting some special notation at the time (it came out pre-BNM, perhaps?). I get that p4k's fickle, but it's somewhat interesting if true.
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September 7, 2012 on Shut Up, Dude: This Week’s Best And Worst Comments
This had been the best DIIV show I'd ever been to, so it's fun to relive it again. It's also weirdly exciting to see recognizable nooks and crannies of 285 Kent.
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September 6, 2012 on DIIV – “Doused” Video
I feel like this isn't the first time I've seen Kay Nielsen's artwork used as album art recently. Either he has no living relatives or the rights to his work are dirt cheap.
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September 4, 2012 on Album Of The Week: Cult Of Youth Love Will Prevail