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 +17Posted on Apr 23rd, 2013 | re: Watch Jimmy Kimmel Punk Hipster Poseurs At Coachella (27 comments)

This is part of the reason why I didn’t go to Coachella this year (I had gone the previous five years.)
The festival has pretty much been gentrified by people who are there for the “experience.”

It’s harder to get close to the Sahara tent stage at 3pm than it is to get close to the Coachella main stage during a headliner set. That should tell you everything about the new demographics of Coachella. Not to mention there’s a sizable contingent of idiots who spend most of their time at the Do Lab which is art-installation/DJ island where no names DJs spin trashy dubstep and electro.

I know I sound like a fucking hipster douche but I am generally sad and frustrated about Coachella being taken over by idiots who would rather see the Lumineers over Grimes or see Benny Benassi over Hot Chip/Grizzly Bear/Yeasayer.

 0Posted on Dec 22nd, 2011 | re: The 50+ Most Anticipated Albums Of 2012 (348 comments)

You forgot Kanye’s Good Ass Job and the ever-increasing possibility of Watch The Throne 2