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Augh, if only those Mediafire links worked. Anyone? Help?
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November 5, 2012 on Radiohead On A Friday Demo Cassettes Going For $50K On eBay
Annoyingly, though, only some labels can make it work, no matter how hard they try. I worked at Touch And Go and now hardly anyone does. And Hydra Head, a label pretty similar to Southern Lord, just shut down, whereas Southern Lord remains. Sometimes it's kind of a crap shoot.
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October 3, 2012 on Debating The Grizzly Bear NY Mag Story And Making A Living Making Music
Courtney Stodden
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December 15, 2011 on Who Is The UNCOOLEST Person Of The Year?
Fred was married to Sally Timms of the Mekons at the time, and you can hear her in the back of these videos.
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March 17, 2011 on Fred Armisen’s Guide To Music And SXSW 1998
I believe the man in the vest's name is actually NICKY VEST. Too good not to be true.
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February 3, 2011 on Top Chef: All-Stars S01E08: fUGHettaboutit.